Zoosh: Substitute for The NFC by Ultrasound, Is The Future?

If you’re that does not have a phone or new system compatible tablet NFC can that Zoosh you are interested in, an alternative to this, developed by Naratte. This system consists of the transmission of small packets of information at low speed through ultrasound, both between mobile devices and a mobile phone to a PC or POS.

These ultrasounds are nothing more than sounds above audible frequencies by human beings (by above of 20 KHz), transmitted through the speaker and collected by the microphone of the device and subsequently decoded to obtain the data in question.

The main advantage of this system is clearly the number of devices that they could use it, but arise more disadvantages or major issues. The security of this system would be easily quebrantable Since from another device, or with ultra-sensitive microphones, could intercept and decode that information from a considerable distance. The human being is not very sensitive to high frequencies, but certain animals You can listen to them, and these could be upsetting for them.

In noisy environments, interference would be very large and communication it would be quite impracticable that is that not all devices are capable of playing so high frequencies, and much more difficult, a telephone microphone to pick them up. The system itself looks good and may have varied uses, but from my point of view I don’t think that something like ready to enter in today’s world of telecommunications in a massive way.