Youtube App: New Spooling

The fact that Google is permanently working on the functionality of its apps is now well-known.And even if it is a bit off the parent company, YouTube is also a Google product through the purchase a few years ago. So we can report from time to time that there are some new features in the app. This time it is a real Spulenfunktion, which should be particularly advantageous with longer videos.

Practical Function For The Smartphone

Already In December, Users Of The Beta Version Of Youtube Reported That there should be a new spooling function within the app. With this feature, you have the option to fast forward or rewind within a video. The small controller is actually only on the PC really precise and lets you call the desired sections in the video directly. But on the smartphone it is rather cumbersome to use and unfortunately also quite imprecisely. A spurring function is just right.

In Small Steps To The Goal

With the new spooling function, you can now fast forward and rewind within 10 seconds of a video.The developers in the app have solved quite well. You no longer need the small point in the timeline, but you have the entire left and right half of the image depending on whether you want to rewind or rewind. To do this, just tap the image halfway fast and the video takes a ten-second step forward or backward.

The new feature should already be activated with the latest update. You can do this either as usual in the Google Play Store or alternatively via the APK Mirror. How do you like the new feature?