You Have Problems with The Camera and The GPS of The Xperia M2? as Quiet, Because Sony Is about to Solve Them

It is a curious thing that we mentioned on more than one occasion that having some of the best trail cameras on the market mobile phones Sony they are not getting to make the most of of them. And if this is something that affects your high-end, it is expected that in the lower ranges also have similar problems. In fact there are.

If you have a Xperia M2 it is possible that since it was updated to Lollipop come noticing problems in GPS and above all in the camera. But quiet because you’re not the only one. In fact the support of Sony Pictures have several complaints regarding this, so many that the company have already promised an update to fix the problem.

It had been reported problems relating to the loss of details in photos Xperia M2 was updated to Lollipop, and as you have seen complaining in the support forums has taken effect. As you can see, a member of the official Sony support team has replied thanking the feedback and making sure that it has happened internally to work on the solution.

From the company they have not given details on when it will be updated, Although they have assured that they are already working on it. Indeed, they have already anticipated that the cause of the malfunction of the GPS is located. Are any of you having similar problems with some Xperia? So don’t forget to report it.