Xiaomi Confirms That His Mi5 Will Equip a Snapdragon 820 and That Is Already in The Phase of Mass Production

The Mi5 is being one of the most anticipated phones reminding you to Xiaomi. Aware of the enormous expectation, the Chinese manufacturer warned a month ago that they would launch in December because its manufacture were taking calmly, Although the first sensations may not be being best.

Now, the co-founder of the company Li Wanqiang announced at Weibo to your new phone has already entered the phase of mass production, your last step before seeing the light. Also have said that their intention is the launch device just after Chinese new year, which falls on Feb. 8.

In his post, Li Wanqiang also confirmed that all the rumors that pointed to a processor Snapdragon 820 are true, If to this we add you other rumors that point to a metal body with home button with fingerprint sensor, 5.2 inches, and 4 GB of RAM, as a result we have an authentic high end that could be a good hit on the table if they manage to contain its price.

Although it is too early to make speculations, the dates suggested by the co-founder of Xiaomi suggest us that we see (and perhaps have between hands) this device during the next Mobile World Congress, Although they might dare to present one or two weeks before to not be buried by the media of other giants such as Samsung noise.