Woman Fired for Removing GPS Tracking App from His Phone

An American woman has allegedly been fired for deleting a GPS-tracking app which also tracked her outside working hours.

A notable action has found its way to the Court of Justice in California, a woman claims that she has been fired after having af-installed an application on his phone, since the employer had ordered all its employees to have it installed.

It is there as a starting point, not something odious in, but there is no question of any application, it was able to track employees 24 hours a day-even outside working hours.

The action is started by Fahad Arias which were previously employed at Intermex Wire Transfer as a customer responsible. According to his application, the applicant had the boss asked all employees to install Xora, which essentially lets mobile employees keep employer updated when they are on the move-this involves a constant GPS signal will be logged.

Arias asked his boss, John Stubits, about this application also could not identify her movements outside working hours, allegedly told he that certainly was the case, and added that he could determine how fast the whole time she was running.

In the Arias actions it says that she had no problems by application is working during working hours, but compared the functionality with an ankle chain in their spare time. This concern was reportedly dismissed by the boss, she earned more money here than in his earlier work and she had to put up with it.

Finally in april removed the Aria application, and was sacked on 5 May. of course, right now only known from the history of a page, but it will be interesting to see how the story unfolds.