With the Family on an Adventure in Colombia

With the Family on an Adventure in Colombia

Go with the family on adventures in Colombia. Here you can see amazing animals in the Amazon, go exploring in historic Cartagena and enjoy a sun holiday on the Caribbean island of Rosario.

This travel proposal has been adapted to suit both children and adults. The trip is designed to give you many unique experiences in Colombia featured by localbusinessexplorer.

The journey begins in Bogotá where you stay long enough to have plenty of time to explore the city or challenge yourself with adventures such as hiking among the treetops or rafting. From Bogotá you fly to the southernmost part of Colombia, where you get to experience four days where you can see lots of wildlife in the Colombian part of the Amazon. In addition to encounters with Amazon’s unique wildlife, you can soar over the treetops, listen to the pulse of the rainforest during an evening hike, kayak among curious Amazon dolphins, visit the Ticuna Indians and much more.

The next stop on the journey is the historic city of Cartagena. In the old part of the city you will see beautiful, colorful and well-preserved buildings from the colonial era and also the city’s 13 km long city walls that were built to keep the pirates out. The trip ends on the Caribbean island of Rosario, where you can relax, snorkel, kayak and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere on the island before traveling back to Sweden.

Day 1: Departure from Scandinavia and arrival in Bogotá

You leave Scandinavia and arrive in Bogotá the same day (local time). At the airport you will be picked up and driven to the hotel located in the old town of Candelaria. You spend the rest of the day on your own. If you are not too tired after the flight, you can take a walk on the pleasant streets and see the beautiful and colorful historic buildings and churches. Then you can have dinner at one of the city’s small and nice restaurants.

Day 2: On a voyage of discovery in Bogotá

Bogotá has over eight million inhabitants and is beautifully situated in the Andes at an altitude of 2,600 meters. In Bogotá, most tourists mainly visit the modern districts of the north, which have many restaurants and bars and are filled with shopping opportunities as well as the beautiful old historic district of Candelaria. During the day you can explore the city on your own. You can e.g. visit the Bogotá Art Museum (Museo del Botero) and the Gold Museum (Museo del Oro) which is known for perhaps the world’s largest gold collection. The day ends at Monzerate Hills, where you can go up to the top by cable car. At the top you can enjoy a fantastic view of Bogotá. You can also choose to go on a day trip to Tobia, where it is possible for the whole family to challenge themselves and try rafting, to fly a hot air balloon, ride and much more. ( F)

Day 3-5: On an adventure among the wild animals of the Amazon

After visiting the bustling capital, it is now time to go and experience a completely different side of Colombia; Amazon jungle. You will be picked up at the hotel in Bogotá and driven to the airport. The journey to the Amazon continues with flights to Leticia. At the airport in Leticia you will meet your guide who will take you to the lodge deep in the rainforest where you will spend the night. Here you stay the next three nights and all activities and meals are included. Over the next few days, you will explore the Amazon with the guide on hikes through the rainforest, boat trips along the Amazon River and meetings with local Indian tribes. You get the opportunity to see the unique animal and plant life that exists in this untouched part of the Amazon. You get to hear, see and breathe rainforest both during the day and at night. ( F , L ,M )

Day 6: Departure from Leticia and arrival in Cartagena

After breakfast, the tour returns to Leticia, from where you fly to Cartagena. You will be picked up at the airport and driven to the hotel. You can spend the rest of the day as you wish. The city was founded in 1533 and is named after Cartagena in Spain. Cartagena played an important role both politically and economically during the colonial era when the Spaniards expanded their empire in Colombia. To protect the city from pirates, a large fort and a 13 km long city wall were built, which in 1984 became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There is something magical about Cartagena, something you can experience as you walk along the cobbled streets of the older neighborhoods and see the beautiful, colorful and well-preserved buildings and churches from colonial times. ( F )

Day 7: From Cartagena to the island of Rosario

After Cartagena you go on to the Caribbean paradise island of Rosario. You will be picked up at the hotel and driven to the port. From there you take a smaller boat to Rosario (the boat trip takes about two hours). (F) At Rosario you live in a cozy resort in a small cottage with its own terrace with quiet and beautiful surroundings. Here you can enjoy a genuine Caribbean atmosphere with swaying palm trees, the azure water and the chalk-white sandy beach. It makes it easy to relax and enjoy the moment. You can also rent bicycles and explore the island on your own. ( F ) Winberg Travel may also offer visits to other Caribbean islands in Colombia, e.g. Isla Múcura, San Andrés and Providencia.

Day 8-10: Rosario on your own

At Rosario you can relax, sunbathe, swim and digest the impressions of your Colombian adventures. You choose what you want to do during the day and decide the pace on your own. ( F )

Day 11: From Rosario back to Cartagena

After breakfast, the tour goes back to the port of Cartagena and from there you drive to the hotel. You can spend the rest of the day in the city as you wish. ( F )

Day 12: On a voyage of discovery in Cartagena

You can spend the day exploring Cartagena on your own. You can either choose to spend more time in the city or participate in tours and excursions to the surrounding area. For example, you can go to the small fishing village of La Boquilla and learn how the locals make fishing nets, catch fish and crabs and prepare them. You can even be invited to the kitchen and take part in a small cooking course. Then you can have lunch with the local family. This tour provides a unique insight into the daily lives of Afro-Caribbean professional fishermen. We can also help arrange bike rides, horseback riding, cooking classes and dance and music workshops in Cartagena and the surrounding area. ( F )

Day 13: Departure from Cartagena

Today it’s time to say goodbye to Colombia. You will be picked up at your hotel and driven to the airport from where you will fly back to Scandinavia. ( F )

Day 14: Arrival in Scandinavia

This day you will come home to Scandinavia. When you get home depends on which airline you fly with.

Overnight stays

Twelve nights in simple hotels and lodges.

With the Family on an Adventure in Colombia