Wikileaks Server is Auctioned for $ 33,000 for a 17-Year-Old

The server that hosted the Wikileaks for about eight months at the time of disclosure of secret documents about the Iraq War in 2010, was the auction ten days ago on eBay. Finally, it was sold for US $ 33,000 – the server is a Dell PowerEdge R410 estimated at $ 4000, but the content which passed him gave him status and increased its price.

The president of Bahnhof, a Swedish Internet company that owned the server, John Karlung, considers the piece “a kind of artifact, an object that left a mark on world history” and that has a very high symbolic value – realized. Obviously, the server was formatted before sale, so the high value of the sale is the relic next to it.

Like any story related to Wikileaks is so simple, the sale of the server, which is disabled since 2011, has not been trouble-free. The person who scooped the server for $ 33,000 was a 17 year old boy who used his father’s credit card – obviously without permission. The first flight of the young was $ 10,200, and after him, the other seven were made up to the maximum.

Soon after the bid is confirmed, Karlung received an email from the boy’s father explained that his son loves conspiracy theories and that the purchase would be completed. Then, the server was transferred to the second place in the auction, which paid $ 32,900 for it.

The money will be divided between two institutions: half goes to  Reporters Without Borders , an institution that values ​​the freedom of media expression, and the other goes to the  5th of July Foundation , which defends privacy and Internet freedom. Even with this philanthropic side, Wikileaks has not approved the auction, saying on Twitter that “Bahnhof did not ask for permission to auction off the server Wikileaks or use it for marketing, or transfer the money obtained”.