WhatsApp Will Include Identification of Two-Step Soon

WhatsApp does not stop of include small improvements in recent weeks. If yesterday was added also in monospaced letter writing to the already present italics, bold and strikethrough, today we speak of a new function of security that increasingly is coming to more services: the identification in two steps.

The identification of two steps is not yet activated in the official version or Beta of WhatsApp, but seems to be practically ready to be activated. So much so that the profile of Twitter WaBetaInfo has managed to activate hidden and take some screenshots of the implementation.

WhatsApp will add the two factor authentication feature! (HIDDEN FEATURE OF ANDROID 2.16.183 BETA) pic.twitter.com/gucgjfjOwz

— WABetaInfo (@WABetaInfo) July 19, 2016

As usual, on the page of translations of WhatsApp other tracks can be found with several texts directed – and already translated to the Spanish – on function. Here is read that ‘two-step authentication helps protect your account’.

To identify… what?

The implementation of an extra measure of security in any application is always hold, but in this case, the truth is that it has left us a bit confused about its use. At the end and at the end, the vast majority of times that you use WhatsApp you’re already doing it from the mobile.

Doesn’t make much sense using your mobile phone to confirm your identity from the own mobile, so the movement could be somewhat more complex than it seems at first. It is likely that it is possible to log in on the website or on the client PC with a user name and password instead of with a QR code, in which case the identification of two steps would make sense.

Finally and ultimately another recent rumor of WhatsApp is the incorporation of mentions of users in the chat, so it could be that in the future WhatsApp began to distance from the recurrent idea that an account is equivalent to a telephone number. We are left with the intrigue until the function is finally activated officially.