WhatsApp Can Already Draw and Add Stickers to Photos: How It Works

It was an open secret that WhatsApp going to let draw on photos before sending them in a similar manner to as does Facebook Messenger or Snapchat. Bridging the gap, the feature is now available for those who are signed up to the WhatsApp beta, in the 2.16.263 version, and probably does not take much to be available for all.

So far, when you enviabas a photo in just WhatsApp you had the option to cut out it. Now, add the possibility to add a selection of stickers or emojis, text on the image and Scribble hands.

A little simple, for now

The new buttons are included in the top bar Tools. Image editing should recognize that it is a bit simple, but who knows what artworks can create with these tools and enough patience.

The Add text tool You can write as much as you want, by changing the text size according to how long that is. From certain length text becomes very small and begins to be distributed on several lines. It is possible to choose a color for the text.

With regard to the stickers, There is a good selection of them. They are similar to the emojis, though curiously they are not same drawings they are redesigned with a flat style. Include some extra as snacks for thought. It is possible to change the color of edges some of them, but you must choose it in advance as there is no color in this mode selector.

Finally, the drawing hand appeal is exactly that. With the pencil icon, you can begin to draw on the image in the selected color. It is not possible to change the size of the stroke and the only color picker changes the Hue and not the brightness or saturation, so you are a little limited if you wanted to recreate the Mona Lisa.

Only those with the Beta – available in Google Play and APKMirror – can add effects to pictures, but anyone can receive the result because it is sent as an ordinary photo.

Stickers on WhatsApp, video tutorial