What You Think That It Has Right and What Went Wrong with The New A9 One HTC? Engadget Android Questions

HTC on Tuesday presented its new One A9, a bet by a device with hardware range but average several high-end features and finishing. Today we want to know your opinion on this device, and tell us which have been according to you the successes and failures of HTC with your new smartphone.

What you believe that been successful and what has failed the new A9 One HTC?

Seven days ago I asked what would have to be, in your opinion, the future Galaxy Samsung S7 to get an amazing mobile. You were quite a few that you animasteis to participate, and from your answers that you voted as the most outstanding was kurilman, he said:

Improve the present (potency, camera, battery, screen, software, material), adopt new technologies competition (dual antenna, ForceTouch), retrieve the roles that led him to be leader (MicroSD, FM Radio, infrared, ip68) and a commitment to stable update to the latest release of Android 3 years subsequent to its release date (none of versions with bugs that get worse performance (, or Android, Samsung).

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