What to Bring to a Barranco Fishing?

The barranco fishing is very popular. She is a type of fishing practised especially by beginners. Although without quite simple, it’s always good to prevent yourself, giving all the necessary items.

Choose a suitable location, not too exposed to the Sun, or that offers many dangers (very moist soil and rocky are unreliable). Try to inform more about geographical aspects of the area, the speed of the currents, the places of greater depth, the water level. Also make sure the weather for the day.

If you’re going to participate in a fishing for construction, see the equipment and items that you must take to succeed in your activity!

Not careless of your food

For best performance in your activity, the fisherman must be well fed. Organize your food in suitable tanks, water and other beverages (juices, for example) and make sure that the amount is enough. Ingesting too much water prevents the risk of dehydration, especially if the time and the region are very hot according to bestfishingessentials.com.

Choose an outfit suitable for the location

Take the appropriate clothing for this fishing, fabric hood and waterproof boots to prevent against attacks by insects and poisonous snakes, hidden among the greenery and the stones. Take hat or CAP, Sun block, sunglasses and a suit recently.

Remember insect repellents to ward off insects

In these areas of fishing for construction, it is common the presence of insects that bother you much, stinging and buzzing. Take insect repellents to keep them at Bay, avoiding the annoying bites that cause itching and the chances of contracting any disease.

Don’t forget first aid kit

Fisheries in bounds usually offer some danger. The fisherman can slip on the rocks, fall on the slopes, injure themselves in different ways.

Not careless of your security and always carry a first aid kit, with band-AIDS, gauze, cotton, antiseptics, topical ointments, analgesics and anti-inflammatories.

Organize all the necessary materials

If you need fishing reels or reels, rods, lines, hooks, lures, ice box to keep the fish, baskets, knives or knives, flashlights, gloves and so on.

Fisheries in barranco are made in outlying areas and, if you miss some essential material to your activity, you will have more trouble finding a place with him. Don’t forget also the fishing licence – document that ensures the legality of your activity.

Don’t waver as to transport your

Prepare your vehicle for the trip to the fishing of barranco. Change the oil, put fuel, check the brakes, battery, radiator water level – make an overhaul before leaving. Take the necessary documentation and check out what she is up to date.

Don’t forget the spare tire, the Jack to raise the car, tire and all material that you may need in case of problems with the vehicle. Organize everything in a Toolbox and get prepared for any mishap.

Other items that will be important

Don’t take too many items for a fishing for construction, but also don’t take less articles. It’s always good to rely on other elements that can prove indispensable – depending on the location and the time-like towels, a Chair or stool, toilet paper, matches or other lighter. Also be sure of their own documents.

Plan and make a good fishery:prevent yourself is always better! Consider the above for sure you will make a quieter ride and will have a steep bank fishing more productive. Leave your opinion, saying he found the post and telling a little of your own experience.


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