What Could Make Sony for Its Telephony Division Sales Will Recover? Engadget Android Questions

Last Wednesday we told you that Sony was still happening wrong with the results of its telephone division, and although during the week they denied that they had for sale division, still weigh the words of its Chief Executive saying be reconsidered their future, is what used to be what he meant with that. In any case in Xataka Android, we want to be positive and productive, and therefore I ask today what you think that you could make Sony to improve its sales of smartphones.

What could Sony do so its phone division sales recover?

Seven days ago I asked for the new Pixel C presented by Google, We specifically wanted to know what thought I needed this new device to be able to compete with the Surface ranges and iPad Pro. Among all your answers, which chose as the most prominent was that of thibest, which simply said:

Not Android, I do not believe, nor that the iPad to compete with the surface, the surface is a computer without keyboard.

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