Weight Gain in Pregnancy Determines The Risk of Obesity in Children

The weight gain in pregnancy It is, without doubt, a determinant of later health baby in pregnancy and fetal development.

Maternal health, nutrition, your level of stress and weight gain during the gestation You can determine the future health of children.

A U.S. investigation has come to the conclusion that women who gain weight in excess during the pregnancy with jeans they increase the risk that their children are obese in the future.

But, how much is adequate weight gain? For women of normal weight is recommended an increase of between 10 and 16 pounds during pregnancy.

On the other hand, those at the beginning of pregnancy overweight should increase between 6 and 11 kilos, while women with low weight must be purchased between 12 and 18 kg during pregnancy.

Specifically it was discovered, after evaluating a large number of mothers – children, the children of women who had increased more than the recommended weight more likely had a 48% Obesity to 7 years of age.

Even so, mothers before pregnancy are obese and his weight during the same gain is normal, give birth to children with increased chance of suffering overweight at age 7.

This allows us to conclude the importance of a healthy lifestyle, which persists during gestation, with the objective of maintaining a healthy weight throughout life and in different life situations.

If our will is reveritr the high figures of obesity, must begin by us, since otherwise future generations will be immersed in a cycle without output or return.

It is essential to maintain physical activity and a balanced diet before, during and after pregnancy to benefit not only the maternal health but also the future of the small developing.