WebPad Dell Streak in the Test

All that is good and expensive, has packed Dell in the streak. Catapulted the uncompromising approach the Android tablets in your own class?

The price is hot. 626 euros for an Android tablets – this is a sign of self-confidence, are finally to have such devices for less than one-third. But where other manufacturers in every nook and cranny on the respectively cheapest technology, Dell reaches into the shelves with the expensive components.

Excellent service, full facilities

It starts with the display. This is smaller than the usual Webpads 7-incher with 5 inch diagonal, but the picture quality is out; 800 x 480 pixels, the streak is also predestined for Web surfing. Even more important: The touchscreen works capacitive, so responds to touch. This excludes operating errors by too high or to low pressure. Also is multitouch capable touch screen, which is extremely useful not only when zooming into Web pages.

The automatic location detection is added as a further improvement over the Android Web tablets tested so far by connect – it can work depending on the demand in the portrait or landscape. And because the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor virtually instantly converts any commands, the operation runs exceptionally smoothly and reliably. A die-hard Apple fan in the Newsroom said the iPad still faster reactions, but it feels like the comparison between an adequately powered 5 series BMW and a Porsche in the city traffic. All in all fun the operation which has been the lack of great Android, even right here.

The form factor is, however, first critical: too small for a WebPad, too large for a Smartphone most the first assessment on the editorial corridors was. But after the first testing this bias usually returned to, because as a WebPad, the streak even in complex Web sites is better than its larger predecessors. As telephone, you can also use the device, because in addition to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, a fully-featured mobile interface is installed. The ear does it while slightly oversized, but can be so anyway the attractive design and the excellent craftsmanship of the extremely shallow streak in scene. In terms of voice quality, the Dell is good, only a modicum directness he can be compared to sound best cell phones to miss.

First Android pad with market

The operating system we would have liked naturally away the new Android version 2.2 from the start, that Dell wants to submit later. After all, the Americans delivered the version 1.6 as a WebPad novelty with access to the Android market – this is due to the telephone interface, which provides for the necessary compatibility. Lack of memory should be a non-issue: Besides built-in 2 GB Flash, the device comes with a 16 GB card for the MicroSD slot.

The bottom line shows Dell with the quality in each relationship streak was the first manufacturer, what is possible with Android on the WebPad. Who needs on the road always Internet, but would like to wear little more than a Smartphone, is served very, very well.