Waze Warns You So Don’t Get Children Forgotten in The Car

Surely more than one father be offended just thinking that notice of an application you need to not forget the children in the car, but either way the choice has come to the Beta version of Waze, the popular application of GPS navigation, and notices.

As it could not be otherwise, the function receives the name of Child reminder and displays a notice on the screen once you have arrived at destination. The idea is that you do not go clueless car and let the children locked in the car, something that unfortunately happens every year and is occasionally fatal, especially in summer.

This feature is now only available in the beta version of Waze, and must be enabled from the Options – General – Child Reminder. And you know Waze if you’ve left the child behind or not? Easy, simply doesn’t know, but that remember you it once you arrive at your destination so you can try it.

An interesting option is the possibility of including a custom text that is displayed in the alert window, and you’ll have more tendency to close the notice without looking at it even if it is a standard text that if you’ve written it. Of course, use this same alert to notify yourself of other things not forget you arriving at your destination, like for example your pet (if very silent).