Waitingroom Alerts You When Someone Wants to See Their Relationship End

With blocking Breakup Notifier, users of Facebook interested in people who are in relationships were without a tool to notify when the person concerned was free. Taking advantage of this window of opportunity, a company called Caraso decided to launch an application with the same functionality but at the same time has some advantages. And so came the Waitingroom, which in Portuguese means good ‘Waiting Room’.

In addition to warning to the user when the chosen person ended a relationship, the Waitingroom also sends an email to that person telling you that there is someone in the ‘waiting room’ her, hoping that their relationship is over and then attack. The message is sent anonymously, of course. And the registered person is you need to enter the e-mail, it is not automatically caught by Facebook.

The application also displays the time counter that counts how many minutes, hours, days or years the registered user is waiting for the end of the relationship. What it is a nice touch, not to mention extremely sad.

Ready, stalkers, here’s your alternative. Get to work!