Vodafone Strengthens Its Rates for Private Data to The IPhone

If last week we had the rates for companies that Vodafone intends to deal with the iphone, today we show you the rates that will offer customers particular contract.

In fact, only Vodafone has launched a new rate with two modes depending on consumption but apart I will summarize all available to offer customers private individuals navigating in internet from your mobile phone or pda.

  • Flat rate monthly Vodafone live with which you can navigate around internet €6 / month (limited to 100 connections of up to 5 MB or 2 hours each). Important to remember that so it tarifique correctly, it must be accessed through profile Vodafone live on your mobile.
  • Rate Browse PDA plus for customers with plans Relax It allows to navigate around internet, regardless of the profile through which you connect, for €15 / month to the maximum speed during the first 250 MB and the rest of free traffic but at 128 Kbps. In this case there is an Optional promotion that gives 6 first fees in Exchange for a stay with the rate for 24 months.
  • Browse PDA plus for customers with consumption rates at least €9 / month It also offers 250 MB at the maximum speed but in this case for €25 / month, and if you exceed the limit, in addition to reducing the speed to 128 Kbps is billed at 7 cents each additional mega.
  • Royal Mail for individuals than for €18 / month offers email mobility without limits and surf the internet without traffic limitation but with speed limited to 128 Kbps from 100 MB. You must in this case be accessed through push created for this rate profile and also only has open ports 80 (http), 443 (https) and 21 (ftp).

Separately, will still be available only mail options in mobility with Vodafone Mail Plus and in any case, these rates fees computed for the minimum consumption of voice contract.

Similar to MoviStar, these rates only apply to connect to Internet on your mobile or pda and although forums are comments which are also valid for browsing from your computer, its use will be under the responsibility of the user since it cannot be guaranteed that it is really so.