Vodafone Launches Rate Flat on The Mobile Internet

At different rates which had been offering Vodafone for the the mobile-browsing add them now Flat Internet rate on your mobile.

And what says this operator could be the first rate real flat, although that Yes, only intended to be used from mobile phones and not from your computer. Its price is of 12 euros per month and includes all navigation without limit of time or number of connections.

Thus becomes an ideal rate for those who want to have available at all times on the phone without having to worry about its cost at end of month, as this is fixed. The Flat Internet rate on your mobile You can hire from Vodafone live! or by calling the 123, and can unsubscribe at any time.

UPDATE: We have more data about the rate. Its price is 12 euros per month plus VAT and is only available to customers of contract. Their use is allowed only from mobile phones, never using it as a modem with a computer, as well as prohibit the use of VoIP applications.

These seem to be the only limitations that apply, unlimited traffic, connections or ports that may be used. The speed shall be 3 Mbps down and 1Mbps of rise during the first 150MB monthly, the rest will go to 128 / 64 Kbps. Something just traffic, but which in any case is better similar to allowing other rates such as that offered by Movistar for iPhone (15 euros with a 200 MB limit).

We extend in clarification of tariff data on the mobile internet flat.