Vodafone Is Reinforced to The IPhone with More Rates Data and Terminals Windows Mobile

Before the imminent implementation to the sale of the 11 July by Movistar iPhone today Vodafone announces its possible counterattack reinforcing the catalogue of phones with terminals Windows Mobile and launching new rates for Internet from your mobile or PDA very similar to those presented by Movistar.

Only customers with contract rates autonomous o companies (from € 25 minimum consumption) may choose one of the four rates no permanence available for mobiles and PDAs that include only navigation or email push more navigation:

  • Browse PDA where for €9 / month you can have a 100MB bonus to navigate from your mobile or PDA. Once past the limit, it will charge €9 per each 100 MB but without reducing speed.
  • Browse PDA Plus includes unlimited traffic to navigate from your mobile or PDA for €15 / month though the speed if it is limited to 128 Kbps if you exceed the 250 MB.
  • Royal Mail offers unlimited traffic for mobility and browse mail for €15 / month with the speed limited to 128 Kbps from 100 MB. In this case, the push email will be valid for a maximum of 10 pop/imap accounts.
  • With Windows Mobile email you will be able navigate and mobilize the corporate mail (more 9 pop/imap accounts) for €22 / month unlimited traffic or speed.

Updated: The rates for individual customers can be found at this link.

In the coming months Vodafone will launch new terminals with Windows Mobile the first of them being the HTC Diamond as we recently and will be available from July 11 £ 95 for freelancers (25 more and Royal Mail plan though it is not required to employ the data rate) or €149 for individuals with plans Relax and €219 with plans for the minimum consumption €9 / month.