“Vodafone at Home” Products Already in The Program of Points

Some time ago, Vodafone launched its particular service of fixed telephony that aims to replace traditional telephony with “Vodafone at home”.

The purpose This service is to reduce the cost of calls to fixed when we are at home, using the mobile network and keeping the fixed number. In addition to providing our telecommunications in one Bill while Vodafone continues its efforts to “mobilize” all to let go of the wires.

So Vodafone offered three devices in the form of free calls to landlines for € 15/month which facilitate this benefit and which are already available in the points program:

  • Voice box to which you can connect any traditional landline to continue using it as always. Now available from 250 points and 65 euros without permanence
  • Desktop phone very similar to the traditional fixed but which also allows send and receive sms among other functions from 250 points and 129 euros without permanence.
  • Finally, it is also available the Nokia 2610 with tabletop stand If you prefer to use a mobile phone instead of a fixed. This model can redeem from 250 points and 49 euros without permanence.

Devices Vodafone at home not they could become at best points programme since the launch of Vodafone ADSL there will be many interested parties that do not want to buy another line to get one of these terminals. And the best thing is that they are available no permanence.