Vitamin Complexes before Pregnancy to Reduce The Risk of a Preterm Birth

According to research conducted by experts from the University of Pittsburgh (USA), the intake of vitamin complex-six months before conception, conducive to the reduction of the risk of a preterm birth and further, that the weight of the newly born is not adequate.

Vitamins before pregnancy contribute to better preparation of the organism to cope with the changes during pregnancy and to provide future baby raw material necessary for their proper development. The researchers analyzed data from 1,800 pregnant women and noted that thanks to the vitamin complexes preterm delivery exceeded the barrier of 34 weeks of gestation and infants exceeded the fifth percentile with maternity bikinis from
Anyway, vitamin complexes always be administered under medical prescription, since abuse of certain vitamins without that they are necessary, it can cause other health problems, medical evidence and the analysis will determine exactly what the vitamin complex ideal for every woman.

Prepare for pregnancy guarantee to improve the health of the mother and the baby, always it will be easier if you take a healthy and correct diet usually, the figures show that pregnancy planning leads to greater benefits for moms and babies.

Data from the study have been published in the American Journal of Epidemiology online magazine.

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