Visit Petra with The New Interactive Experience of Google Cardboard

Do you have a Cardboard House and desire to travel without leaving the living room? Now you can explore the incredible city of Petra, the archaeological enclave carved in the mountains of Jordan without having to take a flight or install an application, as in previous virtual reality demos. The only thing you need is to plug the Cardboard and visit this link.

Is not the first time that Google creates a city-based immersive experience world heritage site: the route and the city immersive images were taken and are available from 2015, but now Google has adapted it as virtual tour for Cardboard, with descriptions of audio and additional information.

All you need is a browser

Unlike other demos to Cardboard as Arctic journey, Petra VR is not an application but a web address. You can check it from the PC and mobile without using Cardboard, but obviously shines with more splendor to wear virtual reality goggles: instead of dragging the mouse or slide with your finger, you can look at and appreciate the architecture, carved in the rock, as if you were there.

The experience is completed with explanations and additional information, narrated, It plays automatically when look at certain points on the screen. To get around the various points you should do the same: find the arrows to scroll the map and aim for a certain time.

If you are interested in travel, you can’t miss this immersive experience which, by the way, it works pretty well and fluid even in an old mobile. The only thing you need is a more or less recent version and a mobile with gyroscopes. Cardboard is optional, but recommended.