Vietnam Foods

Vietnam Foods

But with rice, please!

The Vietnamese language uses the same word for “food” and “rice”. Rice is actually the staple food for half of the Vietnamese population.

In contrast to Indian or Thai cuisine, the food in Vietnam is not so heavily seasoned. But the ingredients have to be very fresh, which is very important for good Vietnamese cuisine. In Central Vietnam, people like to cook with fish or seafood. You will rarely find large portions of meat like ours in Vietnam.

Fish in the north and fruit in the south

The cuisine in the north and south is also different. Actually logical, because it is cooler in the north than in the south. That is why there are fewer fruits and not so many tropical spices. The cuisine in North Vietnam is not that spicy. The popular fish sauce is also often used here, which spices almost everything and tastes very intense and salty.

In the south of Vietnam, people like it sweet and sour. Garlic is popular. Since many different types of fruit and vegetables grow here, you can often eat them here.

Soup and dog bones?

The most important and popular food in Vietnam is phở, a traditional soup. By the way, this soup is mostly eaten for breakfast. It consists of a strong broth, rice noodles, beef or chicken and is garnished with onion or leek rings. The most important thing is the broth, because it is often cooked for hours and also seasoned. This soup probably dates from when the French occupied Vietnam as a colony. By the way, every soup tastes a little different. Fried dough pieces, the hot Quẩy, are served with it and look a bit like dog bones.

Slurping pasta is welcome!

By the way, the Vietnamese also eat the long noodles with chopsticks and spoons. Not easy. You can just try it. Have a look at our participation tip China “Eating long noodles with chopsticks”. By the way, biting off is not an option, that is a very bad omen and whoever eats short pasta is only granted a short life. So be careful when eating pasta!

Beans as candy?

What do you think of when you think of beans? Maybe the healthy side dish that you have to eat before dessert is served? In Vietnam they are the dessert! Or a treat for on the go. In Vietnam, mung beans are often cooked and then mixed into a paste. The mass is mixed with a large amount of sugar and used to create small snacks in the form of cubes. This is a little calorie bomb just for in between.

Specialty: snake!

In Vietnam, there are also snakes on the menu. However, many species of snakes are protected, such as various types of cobra and pythons. Nevertheless, one or the other snake likes to land on a plate. Snakes may be bred for consumption, but wild snakes do not belong to the menu and certainly not protected ones. But who controls it so precisely? That is often the problem. In Vietnam you should simply avoid snakes as a starter or dessert. This ensures that you do not eat a protected snake. For more information about Vietnam and Asia, please visit franciscogardening.

Dogs are also eaten

By the way, you can also eat dogs in Vietnam. A horror performance for many Europeans! But we also eat cattle, an idea that makes an Indian’s hair stand on end. However, you must then also order a dog. It hardly ever happens that a guest is simply served a dog when they have ordered pork. The Vietnamese have no problem with dog meat. Nor is the rumor true that beloved pets suddenly end up in the saucepan. Because the dogs used for cooking are specially bred for consumption, like pigs in our country. In Vietnam you can’t even imagine that someone would find that disgusting.

Rhino powder instead of nature conservation

In terms of nature conservation, Vietnam scores little. Many animal products are sold illegally here because some products are believed to have healing properties. For example, rhino powder is considered a miracle cure. A rhinoceros is killed just because the horn can be used to make this powder.

Vietnam Foods