Video of Opera Mini Boost Optimizes and Reduces Data Consumption

Opera is going to keep fighting for your browser Opera Mini still the King among Android users with fewer resources. We are already accustomed to offer solutions for save data consumption When you visit web pages, and now goes beyond to succeed also to load videos.

In Play Store already waiting for the new version Opera Mini 15, presenting the function boost video as main novelty, but not as the only one. Most, that Yes, are intended to the user can better control spending data and to make more efficient use of networks.

When the boost video function is enabled, the browser optimize the weight of downloaded data to avoid the inconvenience of buffering and, incidentally, spending rate. The Norwegian company has not explained how does it, just adds that there is also a history to know what have been modified. So always have clear which have to see then you can get the most.

This feature is within the mode of data High saving, introduced last year as an intermediate step between the very capadas pages and full loads. Also added to this mode a function to differentiate mobile network or Wi-Fi connection and take a better advantage of faster connections.

Another new highlight is the ability to resize images before uploading them to the web within the browser itself. It is not to scale-free but at least it gives three alternatives to be able to choose more or less quality and size.

Again, saving data and more speed in the execution of all tasks. Opera Mini is sure that his audience is among those who have few data or poor quality connections. And as those can be us at any time, not a bad idea to have it installed, even as a second option.

Opera Mini Version 15

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: Opera
  • Download: Google Play