Underwear:What Panties to Choose For Every Body

Not all women have the same body and there are infinite designs in a same piece. With all the clothes and underwear that is like a second skin and so how can dress the figure can also give a little favorecedora appearance.

So it is very important to choose between their styles so that really enhance and sculpt our figure. In this article, paradisdachat proposes a series of tips to identify which are the best underwear which best match each silhouette.

Any clothing for more flawless and charming that is can be completely ruined if we use below is not in line with your body. So the underwear has as much importance as any other clothes that we wear. If we mark very to waist or very noticeable under clothing, so you’re not taking any advantage, on the other hand, generates defects that are easily dissimuláveis just by choosing a suitable body type panties. Similarly happens with the BRA, since you must fulfill a function (up, create form, fill, etc.), but must always adapt to the chest, back and torso so that generate a visual effect favoring.

There are fabrics, printed fabrics and textures of all kinds to intimate lingerie, but long before stopping in this detail, you need to think about the shape and design that will adapt to the curves noting the attributes and also hiding what we do not like.

Basic Principles To Choose Panties:

The elastic: the tip to know how much it will adjust the waist, hips and legs, since you can mark a lot of the area and generate love handles. Also if it is too thick can score too.

Model: varies according to the effect that his clothes are in our body. Some cuts generate visual volume, the income is very sexy, but under very light brand tissues, for example. In general the which best adapts to almost all is the pantie lifting the buttocks and generates visual effect desfavorecedor.

Colors and patterned: the basics is to combine them with the tone of the clothes we wear. If it is white or very light the better is the skin tone that doesn’t show at all or shows. Black reduces size and disguises imperfections. The printed can be fun, but be careful since the large extend (just for the female gluteus) and horizontal lines extend the hips.

Panty styles to choose from:

  • To view sexy and striking the best are the colors and patterned. So, the underwear becomes something much more special and stands alone. The idea here is to get the hot or cold colors that best match your skin tone and light. Here too it is necessary to take into account the level of Tan, since there are certain shades that highlight more. The clear stand out on dark skin and dark ones emphasize the whiteness of the dermis.
  • Not to leave any trace, the better are the invisible knickers. These are made of elastic fabric and cut with laser and therefore do not have seams. Therefore, no mark under clothes and are ideal for use under party dresses or outfits very adjusted.
  • To shape your body the best is shaping underwear, a type of undergarment that fits and reduces cm without being uncomfortable, with the purpose of clean lines under clothes. It is the best choice for party dresses and very light fabrics that mark all.

A Panty For Each:

Classic Bikini: is the most common, ideal for women with average physical structure that seek a convenient and comfortable option.

High waist: panties of all forms, but I come to the waist with the idea to hide stomach protruding at the bottom of the waist. Without pressing too contains the loose belly and models the waist.

Wide Belt: underwear that keeps the belt in your place, without which protrude the love handles, since you don’t notice they’re there.

Boxer Type: it’s like wearing a short, since it covers everything front and back, but it is well adjusted to the body. Ideal for skinny women because it generates volume effect and does not tend to twist on thigh area.

Tanga: covering a bit more than the wire in all areas. Is comfortable and fits all the bodies, because your waist can go vary.

Doll Panties: visually increases the volume of hips and also tends to reduce the legs. Is the most chosen by women too thin and always in good fit.

Even if the undergarment is a very important detail that complements a perfect look and without doubt is the great protagonist for intimacy as a couple. Therefore, your choice should not be left to chance. Its correct choice will make us feel safer, although we don’t have the perfect body, ’cause if summer highlighted all our curves.