Triathlon Transition Backpacks. Comparative

If we think a little around the pile of things that at the end you take when you go to any test, the most normal thing is to think about take it all together and the more organized as possible. If we make a list quickly without necessarily be a full checklist, they leave enough Triathlon accessories , and the best thing is to take it all together in a bag or backpack. If you compete regularly it is almost indispensable.
We can make a quick list

  • License/ID card
  • Regulation (doesn’t take much and like you out of a mess)
  • Running shoes
  • Cycling shoes
  • Helmet
  • Neoprene
  • Glasses
  • Cap /visera
  • Swimming glasses
  • Portadorsal
  • Gels /barritas

That the essential need and that we will use in competition, but in reality are much more which we carry, such as flip-flops, anti-chafing cream, towel, the bag to get neoprene, a comprehensive molt, the bag of tools, pump, fluids, any more than spare pair of glasses…

Manufacturers and brands related to the triathlon have different models of bag and backpacks of transition, in this post we will analyze some models. Some are specific Triathlon, and others are a bit mixed, that can be used for other disciplines such as swimming or cycling.

Cycling gear Back pack Louis Garneau

More is a suitcase of cycling than a triathlon transition backpack, allowing an optimal organization of all cyclist material. Dimensions (W by D by H): 50 x 40 x 20 cm / 19.6 “x 15.75” x 7.8 “total capacity: 40 litres / 2440 CU.”

Zipp Transition Bag

Although it is not a brand specifically Triathlon, if you have material for Triathlon

  • Compartments separated for clothes, shoes, helmet and small accessories to help you organize themselves before the race. Robust, versatile, resistant
  • Big bottom compartment ventilated for shoes or wet clothing.
  • Adjustable pocket for helmet
  • Total volume of 56 litres.
  • About 160 euros

Elite tri Box

Elite is best known for its cycling rollers, or their cages to the triathlon but has one of the backpacks most surprising of all, since it allows you to deploy your own mini transition zone. In general as they are space pits it is complicated, and I think that with the regulation of the Fetri in hand, nor we could use it, but molar mola. Price around 120 euros

Louis Garneau TR-40

According to itypeauto, it is not the largest backpack but presents multiple pockets, especially for the helmet compartment and compartment ventilated at the bottom of the wet clothes. About 90 euros
Dimensions: (W) 36 x 54 x 26 cm
Capacity: 40 litres

Triathlon Zoot backpack. Transition bag

The Zoot in large model is perhaps one of our favourites. By size (is of the most large) benefits (the wet neoprene bag is very useful and is perhaps the only one that has this compartment) and price around 110 Euros (is the macheap s of its category)

-13 “(33 cm) wide,

-10 “deep (26 cm),

-23 “in height (58.5 cm)”

  • Compatible with hand luggage for airline.
  • Hip belt adjustable with Pocket and sternum strap
  • Compression straps outside to lock bag on the floor
  • Compartment protection helmet molding
  • Compartment to store the wetsuit once used, is a watertight compartment that is removed from the backpack
  • Outer pocket for water bottle
  • Outer pocket with zipper for small items.
  • Pocket lined in fleece for the sunglasses/MP3
  • Storage pockets inside divided with mesh for the Organization
  • Checklist of printed Triathlon in the inside of the bag.
  • Ring clip for keys

Composition of fabric:

-Body: nylon 600 d

-Mesh: 400 d nylon polyester

There is a model with wheels, trolley

Zoot Transition Bag

With the same philosophy as his older sister, but with less capacity, and also almost half price. About 69 euros

-Fabric: Body: 600 d Nylon. Mesh: 400-d Nylon Polyester

-Size: 12.5 “inches wide (31.8 cm), 10 inches (25.4 cm) deep and 20” inches (50. 8 cm) “”

-Main compartment divided with pockets for storing your gear inside.

-Foam padded adjustable straps vicoelastica for greater comfort during transport.

-External mesh for helmet storage.

-Independent sealed compartment for storing used and wet clothes.

-Two exterior pockets for the drums of water Fleece

-Pocket lined for the mp3 player.


A compact backpack of transition of 40 liters, which opens in full in order to find things without having to dig. It is not easy to find in our country store.

A small backpack for basics, outside pocket for helmet, perhaps for use in duathlons sprint or quizzes

Backpack 2xu
2XU backpack is suitable not only for competitions and training, but also for leisure and travel.
Comfortable straps has a robust and ergonomic, design with air vents that make this bag a perfect travel companion.
-Front pocket for valuables and moving objects
-Large main compartment
-well ventilated and heavily padded shoulder straps
-adjustable hip fastening
-well proportioned spaces
-side pockets of mesh for the drums.
-100% nylon
-25 litres capacity

Backpack transition Zone 3

The British manufacturer of wetsuits, gradually increasing its catalogue of products for triathlon.

  • Interior: zippered mesh for eyewear and accessory pocket
  • Inside: 100% waterproof removable PVC portfolios for small valuables.
  • Interior: Back with mesh pocket for the back or something that we should have to the view
  • Exterior: Two large mesh pockets for bottles of liquids
  • Interior: mesh lining
  • Interior: Back with mesh for race nutrition pocket.
  • Exterior: Reflective piping at the top for better visibility
  • Exterior: pocket with headphone output
  • Exterior: Pocket top flap for items that need to be frequently used ID, etc.
  • Suitable for the helmet or other accessories.

Other features:

  • Back panel is padded with foam 3 cm thickness with cover material of breathable mesh for comfort and refrigeration.
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Chest for greater adjustment straps
  • Durable carrying handle.
  • Strong zippers with zip of silicone handles
  • 53cm of height, width and length 34.5 cm 22 cm. The bag has a total capacity of 40 litres.

Triathlon Zoggs backpack

Primarily known for its swimming this Australian brand sunglasses, also manufactures wetsuits and triathlon accessories

  • It offers a large main compartment designed with swimmers in mind
  • Pocket wet / dry base
  • 2 x side pockets of mesh for drums
  • adjustable and padded straps for comfort
  • Padding in the lumbar area
  • Pocket for your phone or MP3 player with opening for headphones
  • Large integral Pocket
  • Reflective piping and reflective stripe on the front
  • Outside core of rubber for durability
  • Polyester / PVC coated so that all the interior stays dry
  • Size: 32 x 49 x 35.5 cm