Travel on Your Own in Fiji

Travel on Your Own in Fiji

Get off to a great start on your trip to Fiji featured by diseaseslearning. We arrange flights and the first nights at Nadi before setting off on your own adventures. If you want, we of course book the entire program with all overnight stays and transports – you tailor your own dream trip!

Best travel period

The best time to visit Fiji is during their “winter” which runs from May to October. This time of year it rains less, the temperature is milder and there is less risk of tropical cyclones.

Detailed itinerary

Day 1 Departure from Scandinavia

When you travel to Fiji you make a stopover on the way and it is possible to make several stops in e.g. Singapore, Sydney, Seoul or Auckland ,. Check with your Travel Consultant what would work best for you.

Day 2. Flight, flight, flight

The whole day is spent flying towards Fiji.

Day 3. Arrival Nadi

You land at Nadi Airport where you will be picked up and driven to your resort where you have two nights booked.

Day 4. On your own at Nadi

You have the whole day on your own to explore Nadi on.

Day 5. Departure or continued adventure in Fiji

Either you leave Fiji or you continue on further adventures. We are happy to book more days here or why not continue – we will help you with the adventure among Fiji’s many islands. Most people can only think of swaying palm trees, gurgling waves and white sandy beaches when you hear the name Fiji. Should you get tired of this, the country has much more to offer. Fiji consists of more than 300 islands – some are volcanoes and some are coral islands. Others are lush greenery and mountainous. Sugar cane, coconuts and orchids are grown here, among other things. The rich nature is home to countless animals, such as colorful parrots and kingfishers. Fiji’s rainforest is perfect for hiking and trekking and if you need to rest a bit during the journey in the green, there is always a waterfall to cool off in or a bilibili (bamboo) raft to take a trip on. In an island kingdom like Fiji, you get the most magnificent experiences, both above and below the surface. There are opportunities for rafting, surfing, windsurfing, snorkeling and diving. The country is known for its corals and is a real dream destination for divers. In addition to corals in all the colors of the rainbow, you can also see turtles, whales, sharks, rays and a variety of tropical fish. Outside the Mamanuca Islands, there is also the opportunity to dive along a wall that plunges deep into the darkness or adventurous dives among the relatively current waters here. But there are plenty of adventures for both experienced and inexperienced divers – Fiji is a great place to get your diving certificate.

Overnight stays

Two nights in a hostel in Fiji

Travel on Your Own in Fiji