Traces of Pregnancy Shown by Jade Beall

One of the things that I am trying to now that I am pregnant is to avoid stretch marks on the body. Of course, I am aware that there is a genetic component that I can’t, so despite the creams I’m also trying to accept them now If I’m not the lucky ones do not go to that. Today I just have encountered some new pictures of Jade Beall (who was made famous by photos of women breast-feeding and that were censored by Facebook), and believe that it has been the best motivations that I could find… who said that the traces of the pregnancy could not be beautiful?.

This series of photos was born of his own experience, since After giving birth she won about 25 kilos and fell into a post-partum depression, until he accepted his body and the reason for which had been transformed in this way. The images are of course not retouched by photoshop to show the reality of the woman’s body after childbirth with maternity clothes from

To my has given me much what to think. Depression is more common than we think, and this is one of their main reasons… maybe the see this type of images and no models with perfect measurements are a good bit for all those that have passed (or we are about to pass), this situation.

Do you like the photos of Jade Beall?