Closes Its Doors Once Again

If zombies were real and there was a virus that infect only web companies, the list certainly start with the They have died and returned to life more often than they should (once) and now an American podcast listener Buzz Out Loud pointed out that they played in the pit again.

In a nothing dramatic warning posted on the website, they say they decided to again close the site because of the constant battle waged against spammers, which resulted in cancellation threats hosting plan by the servers. They also report that the redirect will continue working until 2011, but it is no longer possible to create short URLs using the service and still ask that developers who have integrated the service into their programs that withdraw.

Unlike last time, no company offered to host it or archive the old URLs. The question is whether this time they even experienced a headshot or the zombie virus will make them rise from the ashes again at some point in the future.