Tips for Your Trip to Serbia

Tips for your trip to Serbia

Something that more and more tourists are discovering is that the eastern block in Europe actually has a lot to offer. Here we walked around for a long time and thought it was strict border controls and strict rules for what you could do. Yes, there were even those who thought it would be difficult to enter an Eastern European country. Now this is true, but that was before the Berlin Wall fell. Now this is almost 30 years ago, except for a pitiful year. Since then, a lot has happened, and today it is a full carousel when it comes to travel to Eastern Europe. Here, there are many who choose to go to Serbia. This is a very beautiful country and a good choice as a destination on vacation.

The country is child-friendly so a trip to Serbia is just right for all people of all ages. Serbia is a country that has a lot to offer. This is about fantastic nature and architecture, and that almost all old buildings are well preserved. Here you will find the youthful party culture mixed with poverty, wealth, the working class and a pure idyll. As for security during a trip to Serbia, the country has stabilized a long time ago and today everyone lives a safe life without violence.

Currency in Serbia

Serbia is a country that is not yet part of the large Bloc EU. This then means that they still have their currency left. In Serbia, it is then Serbian dinars that apply. For those of you who are going on holiday to Serbia, it will always be best to change your travel fund before you go, as otherwise you risk getting a much worse exchange rate.

As usual, a varying travel fund is also recommended. Here, most of it will consist of Serbian dinars, but you will always benefit from saving a little in Euros or USD. When it comes to paying by card in Serbia, this goes well, as they accept both MasterCard and Visa.

Rent a car in Serbia

Renting a car in Serbia is a great experience. Here you will find Hertz Car Rental or Autoeurope, which are the two biggest players for you who rent your car before the trip. This will always be the best choice that ensures that your car is in place on arrival and always gives you the best price and the best insurance.

Communications in Serbia

When it comes to the communications that take you from place A to B, there will be everything from buses and taxis in Serbia to trains, flights and something similar to a metro in Belgrade. However, you will always find that the price of transporting yourself to the places you want is at a very pleasant level. Regarding the Internet as communication, this will be very well developed in the larger cities, which are usually the most visited.

Electricity in Serbia

When you as a Swedish tourist go to Serbia, you will not have any problems with electricity. Here it holds 220 volts and you will not need an adapter either. Easy and flexible choice of destination when it is important to have both computer and phone charged.

Tips for your trip to Serbia