Three Signals to Change Sports Bra

For the women who we train regularly, take a good sports bra It is essential for our comfort and to prevent breast lesions that may be irreversible. It is not easy to find a suitable bra and once we have it, it is difficult to get rid of him, so show you today three signals I suggest that we should change the sports bra.

Three Signals to Change Sports Bra 1

  • The elastic band located in the torso is lifted or rolled up: This is an indication of that washing and use time has damaged the elastic and therefore base fastener or elastic band not remains in place. That band is supported by the chest and allowing that moms remain in place, therefore, a bra whose elastic band is damaged does not constitute a solid basis and must be renewed.

Three Signals to Change Sports Bra 2

  • The belts or shoulder straps are loose: While the straps are elastic, stretch thereof must be minimum to reduce the movement of the chest up and down while we move, therefore, if these straps are very loose and stretched not protected to the breasts of sudden movements while we exercise.
  • You already have a year of use: fasteners can be used for 6 months to a year, but usually in 12 months bust can change size or shape and require a new bra, as well as also, the garment is worn with use presenting signs as before said. That is why, if already a year ago that you use the same clip, will be good choice renew it.

Three Signals to Change Sports Bra 3

Fasteners useful life is shorter than we think and if we use a sports bra already worn the women’s garment not properly fulfill its function to protect against movements and provide support for moms, therefore if your bra presents these signals, the time to throw away it and buy a new one to train safely.