This Time Yes, Sony Could Rethink The Future of The Range Xperia If Sales Do Not Work

During the last years Sony has had that deny on more than one occasion that is considering abandoning the mobile phone business as it did in the past with other branches as the Vaio computers. But on this occasion, one of the directors of the Japanese company has admitted that there could be such a possibility.

It is Kazuo Hirai, Chief Executive of Sony, who according to Reuters said that his company you could consider other options for its smartphones if they do not report profits for the end of the next fiscal year.

Hirai has not mentioned which are options that could be considered for this section, but seeing the background it is possible that its sale is one of them. Even so, the directors have also ensured that if from the month of April, they begin to get the benefits, Sony will continue with smartphones business as usual.

The Japanese company in July downgraded their forecasts for mobile to predicting communications unit a loss of 60,000 million yen in the current fiscal year, an amount far exceeding the 39,000 million expected earlier this year. We will be living the beginning of the end of the range Sony Xperia? It remains to be seen if becomes a denial by some other directors.