Things to Do in Dubai

Things to Do in Dubai

New Years Eve in Dubai

When you celebrate New Year’s Eve in Dubai , you can expect a new year in a class of its own ! Gigantic fireworks are set off at many of Dubai’s sights and the city’s bars are celebrating as much as they can . You can get a little foretaste in my article on New Year’s Eve in Dubai . But book your trip as far in advance as possible, because a vacation in Dubai over New Year’s Eve is usually very expensive.

Important note : It is forbidden to drink alcohol in public in Dubai! The ban applies in all public places. Drinking alcoholic beverages in bars, on the other hand, is not a problem.

Holidays for the fasting month of Ramadan

I keep getting questions about Ramadan in Dubai and other emirates. Many holidaymakers wonder whether a holiday in Dubai in the fasting month is worthwhile or whether they have to expect restrictions . To reassure you in advance: Although public life changes during Ramadan in Dubai, you as a holidaymaker do not have to fear any major restrictions or even a ban on eating and drinking. People of different cultures and religions come to Dubai together what has made the desert state more modern in recent years. In the hotels and also in many malls and restaurants you can usually eat, drink and shop almost normally. Some restaurants stay closed until the evening, in others a privacy screen is hung up during the day out of respect for those who are fasting, behind which you as a “normal” tourist can dine undisturbed. By the way, one advantage of a holiday during Ramadan is the low prices at which you can book trips to Dubai. In addition, the whole city is much emptier than usual. You can see the Ramadan dates for the next few years here at a glance:

  • April 24 to May 23, 2020
  • April 12 to May 11, 2021
  • April 02 to May 01, 2022

Guru tip : I was there myself last year and got a picture of Ramadan in Dubai . You can read all the tips and experiences in the article.

Eating in Dubai – the Arabic cuisine

You should definitely try the traditional Arabic cuisine on your vacation in Dubai! A lot of the work is done with very fresh vegetables, especially with chickpeas as a base . Delicious salads and lamb are also served. Since many nationalities come together in Dubai , you can also look forward to specialties from other countries. Indian, Lebanese, Italian or Asian – you can get pretty much everything in Dubai.

If you want to try traditional Arabic cuisine , I can recommend the Barjeel Al Arab Restaurant in Bur Dubai. There is freshly grilled, tender meat, Arabic side dishes such as hummus, baba ghanoush and pea soup, plus flat flatbread, filled vine leaves and even camel meat burgers – all incredibly delicious delicacies. Get involved in the taste experience, things like that are always remembered! The quality of the food was very impressed on my numerous trips to Dubai.

Guru tips for restaurants in Dubai

  • Operation Falafel : This restaurant in Jumeirah offers you delicious Lebanese specialties for a small price. Ideal for a midday snack!
  • Khyber : Do you fancy Indian cuisine? In this restaurant on the palm island of Jumeirah , not only the taste is right, but also the view of the Dubai skyline.
  • Special Ostadi : Fans of Persian cuisine will be happy in this affordable restaurant. You can expect deliciously seasoned meat and authentic side dishes.
  • Al Dawaar Revolving Restaurant : If you want to treat yourself to something very special, I recommend this restaurant in the Hyatt Regency Hotel . The view is simply breathtaking and the food is excellent.
  • Dinner in the Sky : Do you have a head for heights? Then at Dinner in the Sky you have the most spectacular opportunity to view Dubai from above while you are spoiled with culinary delights.

Guru tip : Dinner cruises in a dhow or abra as well as food tours are particularly popular and can be booked online with just a few clicks.

Night life in Dubai

People like to celebrate in Dubai. The nightlife in Dubai is booming, but it’s very different from what you know from Germany. There are no pub crawls here, as alcohol is only served in the hotels . Only these have the special license for it, so there are bars and discos only here. In large hotels there are sometimes several clubs with different musical styles, Arabic music is just as much a part of it as pop and international charts. Alcohol is quite expensive in the hotels, but there are often specials such as happy hour, 2 for 1, ladies night and many other offers.

Many of the hotels in Downtown Dubai have spacious roof terraces where you can spend the evenings, drink cocktails and smoke shisha. If you are looking for a fantastic view, reserve a table on the roof terrace of the Taj Dubai . At the Mediterranean bar Treehouse you have a direct view of the illuminated Burj Khalifa. The Billionaire Mansion is also located in the same building – so if you want to see the latest luxury cars, you can get your fill here in the evening hours.

You can find out more about alcohol in Dubai in the Dubai FAQs below.

Show in Dubai: La Perle by Dragone

If you want to crown your Dubai vacation with a visit to a very special event, I can only recommend the spectacular La Perle show in Al Habtoor City . An evening full of breathtaking artistry , exciting action and a rousing story awaits you here . The detailed stage design and the musical compositions also make the piece by Franco Dragone a very special experience. At the latest when thunderous masses of water break in on the stage and the artists dare daring jumps from a height of up to 15 meters, you too are sure to be enthusiastic. La Perle takes place every evening at 7.30 p.m. and 9.30 p.m., tickets are available for less than € 100.

Stopover in Dubai

If you ‘re only in Dubai for a stopover but have a few hours to spare, a trip to the city is definitely worth it. In most cases, entry is straightforward and quick. Take part in a hop-on / hop-off bus tour or be shown the most important sights on a city tour.

Things to Do in Dubai