The Vintage Mannequin Returns to Passeig Amb Barret 2017

One more year, El Maniquí Vintage participates in the “Passejada amb Barret”, the event for the hat enthusiast who, since 2005, has gathered hundreds of people on the Rambla de Catalunya (between Diagonal and Gran Vía).

The Passejada is due to the dressmakers Nina Pawlowsky and Cristina de Prada, who missed an event of this nature in the city.That’s how they decided to organize it themselves 13 years ago!

And what is the Barret ambround ?Well, as its name suggests, it is a walk, since even though it is delimited by a street, attendees can come and go through it without an order.You can also sit on the benches, or even have a drink on the terraces. The important thing at all times is to keep the hat on.

La Passejada amb barret 2017 will be celebrated on April 30 at noon and, of course, Silvia Moyano has wanted the experience to be as unique as in past editions.

Hence he chose the robe noire as the theme of his group, a tribute to black and its importance in fashion.

If you want more information about it, either because you need a hat or advice with your look, visit the store of and we will take care of you. What are you waiting for? Join the group of The Vintage Mannequin and share with us your passion for hats!