The new Nexus 7 Appears in a Presentation of Google I/O

If the speech of a few days ago on the notification LED of the Nexus 7 in Hangouts spots there had convinced, today we have another “proof” that an unprecedented tablet lies in Mountain View. The image you see above was shown during one of the sessions of the Google i/o just ended (video at end of article, but don’t miss the our in depth about audio latency that was treated in that session), and shows the line-up of the last Nexus: from left to right 4, 7 and 10. There seems, however, that this Nexus 7 has something strange? Better watch him, zooming and putting it side by side with the current model:

As you can see the chrome of the border is practically not noticeable in the model on the left, also from all sides, especially those short, seem slightly bent, so that the rounded corners are different. To cap it all, the background is not present by default in the Nexus series, but a color change, tending to a blue wallpaper that is originally in shades of yellow.

Is not enough to talk about the new Nexus 7 What are we waiting for? Maybe Yes, basically it is just a render, but then why Google should bother to create something different from the previous model? To respond to these questions we just have to wait, but we will on the one hand, the images in this article, waiting to compare them to those of the final model to find out the truth.