The Iris Scanner of The Galaxy Only Note 7 Would Run under Specific Conditions

Note that the Galaxy Note 7 is about to occur, and the proof is that it increases the amount of rumours about this new phablet, and equally true is that your scanner and iris could open the door to many new options. On more than one occasion has already spoken of this addition on the high end of the second half of the year from Samsung.

And it turns out that this is iris scanner would work only in specific conditions that he could do that he wasn’t as comfortable to wear as it is sold. You’ll be thinking “need to have eyes wide open”, then Yes, same as the fingerprint scanner works only with fingers and not the nose (I’ve tried it, I am a rebel).

By specific conditions we mean that, to run correctly, the terminal It must be between 25 and 35 cm, and a new rumor It is recommended that you do not use less than 20 centimeters from the face to avoid adverse effects, and even that do not use on babies.

In addition, according to rumors, It would not work properly if the user carries contact lenses or glasses, forcing him to remove them to use it. It is not known what level of accuracy has this sensor or if it is really comfortable to users having fingerprint sensors so fast that there are at present, but we will see how this technology is developed in time, as still in diapers for mobiles.