The Identification of Two Steps of WhatsApp Is Almost Ready and Still Do Not Know for What Serves

We already know from July that WhatsApp is preparing to include the identification of two steps in your messaging application. The function is in fact included in the latest beta of WhatsApp, Although it is hidden, but that does not prevent that its configuration screens have filtered.

While the identification of two steps generally implies that you enter the username and password to then verify that you are using your phone, WhatsApp implementation seems more or less in reverse: you’re already using the phone and confirm your identity via email.

Screens has leaked them once more Alex193a, the Italian developer dedicated to discover all the secrets of WhatsApp until they come to light, and that us has brought a good percentage of the latest rumors of WhatsApp. Its modus operandi is based on hidden functions through your application WATweaks.

The second step is… the e-mail

Since we hear first of two steps in WhatsApp ID we have been asking ourselves What could serve on WhatsApp. Finally and after, the account is always connected and only allows you to log on to a device. What could serve on WhatsApp? Is it possible that login on PC or the web is not based on the synchronization with the mobile?

We are still left with the question, further increased by the fact that any mention of the authorization of two steps in the translations of WhatsApp portal has been be deleted from our previous article on the subject. Now at least we know that this is based on the email, that you can associate with your account if desired.

It is possible that this security measure is designed for very specific cases in which for some reason you need to be very sure that nobody can login to your account, even Although they have access to your phone number (for example, if the number has expired and now belongs to someone else). As well as checking the code always during installation, by SMS or by voice call, WhatsApp would send you an additional code by email.

Taking into account that the controversy is still recent by request of sharing data with WhatsApp Facebook, you could say that it is bad time to also ask for the email address. In any case, it appears that this additional security measure will be absolutely optional.