The Five Keys to Success to Dressing This Spring-Summer 2011

It is well known that if something is proudly fashion is that it is open to any type of innovation and change. It will be better or worse accepted but will no doubt eventually gain a foothold. What it is true that we always have of fixed with which to be able to build on them keys and that they do not usually never fail. The life of fashion that are called, and if you look, all collections without exception, to a greater or lesser extent, have them among its ranks.

To that must be added to the season trends make that they update: for example, the scarves are one of these keys, but there will be years that are total-white, total-black or as it is the case of this season, total-Denim. From Mensencia we want to that you apuntéis well to make with them in your Cabinet bottom and thus get more sophisticated looks without having to spend much money on clothes to you.

Injections of colour


The colour block looks This season they have imposed. While it is true that female collections has been much acceptance, male have been incorporated gradually this fashion. In a season in which the navy-style and the Saharan they succeed everywhere (and by thus, the neutral, the nudes and the dark) is appreciated that injections of colour in the collections there are.

Jil Sander

And make him curiously with Electric tones and pastels. Green lime, Orange, blue, butane klein or LILACS are some of the shades chosen, ideal to combine it with clothes in white and black that relax the whole and also take advantage of colors, although no doubt as I discussed in Mensencia, this year bet by the Blues in all its versions, which no doubt will be the colors of the season.

Contrast of black and white

Gucci, Moncler Gamme Bleu and Burberry

The contrasts are always well accepted if they do so in the form of black and white. The total looks always leave step combination endpoints such as black and white. Indeed it is still a block colour as discussed before but this is perhaps the most versatile of them all.

What does good? On the basis we can work any style that you want just by adding plug-ins and appropriate footwear. The black blazers with white pants get by if alone an outfit that fails to be elegant or sport so it only with our personal imprint will be able to opt the balance. Or imagine the amount of play that can give these two together.

Denim is back with force

Rag & Bone, Prada and Dquared

The Denim This year is undoubtedly an of the big-bet of the season. But I do not mean to the Cowboys, which is widely known that it is a very versatile garment that uses wildcard for all kinds of styles (sneakers/nautical or t-shirt/shirt). I refer to t-shirts with printed Denim, jackets style vintage and even blazer or shoes made of the same fabric. Up to the total look Denim can be options to take into account without being too loaded.

It may be harder to Jell because already in itself has great visual force, but with the correct guidelines (black to formalize it, neutral to relax) and watching some street-style to collect ideas, we can get a very accessible style.

We go from the trench to the short trench

Homini Emerito, Etro and Zara

The good thing about this piece is that it is very versatile. A jeans as a khaki as a Bermuda is well suited to. Your favorite color and more considering what are the trends of the season, is the camel and the earthy, ideal to Jell in the preppy, navy, sahara or Denim looks. They are more comfortable because they have one length less than its predecessors and also gain in lightness and freshness.

We can get them to really reasonable prices low-cost stores and combine them either with jersey knit, cotton, linen shirts shirts… the possibilities are really spacious and because it is halfway between the casual and the smart, can get varied outfits without resorting to many different clothes.