The Eye Tribe Demonstrates Control of Android Device with Eyes

A new gadget from Danish startup company allows for eye tracking on almost any device.

Future management of tablets, computer and telephone must be done using the eyes, at least if you ask the Danish company The Eye Tribe. They are in full swing with developing a new gadget that gives the possibility of eye tracking on almost any computer, smartphone and tablet.

Many will probably bite mark in that this feature already was introduced with an earlier version of the Samsung TouchWiz, and other manufacturers are also in the process of developing this form of management. What is special about The Eye Tribe is that it can be done with a precision that is hard to achieve by using the built-in camera in a phone or tablet.

The Eye Tribe provides a precision that corresponds to a mouse click or the tip of a finger and in the video below (around 3:00 minutes into) a demonstration of the game Fruit Ninja game with your eyes.

Eye Tribe Tracker comes first for Windows, Android version is still in the early stage.