The EU Will Allow Longer Periods of Fixation

The EU will legislate on longer binding periods and zero roamingafgift on the European market.

Thursday will present the EU’s competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes´ a number of legislative proposals that target the European telecommunications market.

Proposals should make the rules more uniform throughout Europe, and this means, among other things, that the time consumers can be tied to a telephone subscription, can get up to 24 months, where the in Denmark at the moment are at 6 months, writes Ritzaus Bureau, according to our site.

The EU has also set rules for roaming after at the seams, and here presented a proposal, which means zero roaming charges within the EU.

Thus it will cost the same to make calls, send SMS and be on the Internet on your phone in the whole of Europe.

The proposal says Jens Rohde, who is Vice-President of the European Parliament’s Industry Committee: “Roaming must no longer cost a mer-price”, writes our site.

If the Bill is adopted, it can roamingafgift of zero, however, according to Telecommunications analyst John Strand cause problems that are not taken into account.

For example, consumers will be able to buy telecommunication products in Luxembourg, where sales taxes are lower, and then apply the product in Denmark where the Danish telecommunications companies get only pennies for the use of the Danish net, says John Beach to our site.