The Best of Colombia

The Best of Colombia

According to proexchangerates, Colombia has an incredible amount to offer in terms of culture, history and nature. This trip takes you to the Kogi Indians in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada, to the coffee plantation in Mindo, to the historic city of Cartagena and finally to the Caribbean paradise island of Providencia.

The journey begins in the pleasant coastal town of Santa Marta on the Caribbean coast. During the first day trip you go to the beautiful coffee plantations in Minca and the next day you get to visit the Kogi Indians in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada. The journey then continues to the historic city of Cartagena. You explore the city together with a local guide who takes you to the city’s many attractions in a traditional bus, a so-called Chiva. A tour of local delicacies is also included. The trip ends on the Caribbean paradise island of Providencia, a perfect place for those seeking peace and quiet. Here, the locals live completely undisturbed, just as they always have. The island is volcanic and very hilly. It is therefore a perfect place to go for walks and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Along the coast you will find beautiful sandy beaches and well-preserved coral reefs.

Day 1: Departure from Scandinavia and arrival in Santa Marta

Flight from Scandinavia to Santa Marta with arrival the same day. You will be picked up at the airport and driven to your hostel. You spend the rest of the day on your own. If you are not too tired after the flight, you can take a walk on the pleasant streets and see the beautiful and colorful historic buildings and churches and eat at one of the small restaurants.

Day 2: Coffee plantation and waterfall in Minca

In the morning you meet the guide and go exploring in the mountains around the village of Minca in a four-wheel drive car. During the day you visit the organic coffee farm La Victoria. There you will get an overview of the farm’s history, which dates back to 1892. After a tour of 2-3 hours, it’s time for a short walk to the Pozo Azul waterfall, where you can take a refreshing dip. On the way back to Minca you stop at a small restaurant known for its good chorizos and grilled fish. ( F )

Day 3: Kogi Indians and Sierra Nevada

This day awaits an exciting meeting with the Kogi Indians in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Kogi are descended from the Tairona people and are considered one of the most traditional Native American tribes in the world because they lived isolated in the mountains during colonial times. There are about 10,000 Kogi Indians today and they live in small secluded communities in the Sierra Nevada, a mountain range that in their religion is the center and source of life in the world. You will be picked up by the guide in Santa Marta and driven to the Piedras River, where the journey continues 4.5 km on foot. After about an hour of hiking you will reach the village. A representative from the locals shows you around and tells you about the people’s culture and how they live in balance with nature. Afterwards, continue on foot (approx. 5 km) to Los Cocos Beach, where you can go for a swim and then it’s time for lunch. Late in the afternoon the trip goes back to Santa Marta again. (F , L )

Day 4: Bus to Cartagena from Santa Marta

Today the journey continues by bus to Cartagena. The city was founded in 1533 and is named after Cartagena in Spain. Cartagena played an important role both politically and economically during the colonial era when the Spaniards expanded their empire in Colombia. To protect the city from pirates, a large fort and a 13 km long city wall were built, which in 1984 became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There is something magical about Cartagena, something you can experience as you walk along the cobbled streets of the older neighborhoods and see the beautiful, colorful and well-preserved colonial-era buildings and churches.

Day 5: Tasting of local delicacies in Cartagena

Today it’s time to pamper your taste buds on a “foodie tour” on the streets of Cartagena with a local guide. It is a unique way to get really close to the country’s fantastic food culture. The tour lasts about two hours and goes from fast food to restaurants, from local snacks to traditional desserts. ( F , L )

Day 6: City tour of Cartagena

On this day you will go on a guided city tour of Cartagena with a local guide. The first stop is the monastery of La Popa, where you get to see a fantastic view of Cartagena. Then you continue in a Chiva (local colorful bus) to the fortress Castillo de San Felipe. Throughout history, the fortress has protected the inhabitants of Cartagena from enemies under Spanish colonial rule. Today, the fortress surrounds the old town, which you then explore on foot. Along the way on the city tour you visit some of the city’s churches, museums and squares. ( F )

Day 7: Flight to the paradise island of Providencia

From Cartagena you fly via San Andrés to the pristine paradise on the Caribbean island of Providencia. All airport transfers are included. At Providencia you stay in a cozy beachfront hostel. From the balcony you can enjoy the view and the sound of the sea from a hammock. Here you can enjoy a genuine Caribbean atmosphere with swaying palm trees, the azure water and the chalk-white sandy beach. Is it easy to relax and enjoy the moment. We can also offer accommodation at delicious resorts on Providencia as well as visits to other Caribbean islands in Colombia, e.g. San Andrés.

Day 8-12: Sun holiday and relaxation at Providencia

At Providencia you can relax, sunbathe, swim and digest the impressions of your Colombian adventure. It is also possible to go diving and snorkelling or go hiking to explore the hilly terrain on the island. You can choose what you want to do during the day and decide the pace on your own. ( F )

Day 13: Departure from Providencia

Now it’s time to say goodbye to Colombia. You will be picked up at your hostel and driven to the airport. You fly via San Andrés to Scandinavia. It is also possible to extend the trip with a stay at San Andrés.

Day 14: Arrival in Scandinavia

This day you will come home to Scandinavia. When you get home depends on which airline you fly with.

Overnight stays

Twelve nights in a hostel / guesthouse in a double room

The Best of Colombia