The Adventist Woman’s Clothing-Swimwear

Well … This is not a subject, not by far, easy to talk to. However, twice we’ve had specific questions about the Adventist woman’s swimwear.

The opinions are diverse, however, our goal is not to write their own reviews here but briefly reflect on divine guidance.

First, it is important to note that neither the Bible nor the spirit of prophecy will talk in swimsuit and bikini, nor talk about computer, cell phone, etc. We have to keep in mind is that regardless of the times we live in, the divine principles do not change, regardless of our personal or regional customs.

In another post titled “the Adventist woman’s clothing-pants”, we discussed a bit about the principles which should govern the dress code Christian: woman’s Modesty, health and Decency.

The Adventist Woman's Clothing-Swimwear 1

When we talk about bathing suits, these 3 principles are still in force, but the decency principle becomes more apparent and discussed.

In the Bible we find “Which likewise women ataviem in costume with decency and modesty, not with braids, or gold, or pearls, or precious dresses” 1 Timothy 2:9. The seventh-day Adventist Bible Commentary explains that the word “modesty” used in this verse relates, in Greek, the term “aidos” which means “self-respect” and “modesty”.

When we choose a costume to wear at the beach or in other bathroom environments, we must pay attention to this aspect of the dress, modesty. The Christian woman must walk to maintain self-respect. Body exposure that occurs when using several swimsuits is commonly associated to futility, and the body becomes the attraction instead of the character.

The fact that the fashion of the world change, doesn’t mean we should follow your changes. When the fashion won’t against the will of God, it’s OK to make use of their products, provided that there is no ostentation. However, most often the sets leads to more distant heavenly ideals.

A few days ago I was talking with a friend about swimsuit women. Talked with him one of the questions we receive here on the BIKINIWILL about the skimpy bikinis. He told me how all the women on the beach are of bikini, there is no problem in the Christian woman wearing bikini. Problem was she wearing a bathing suit because it would call more attention than if you’d just like all the others. It is true that we should not wear to call more attention to ourselves, however, we call the attention of the people to be the divine principles is not wrong. It’s called testimony. As well as a vegetarian calls people’s attention in a lunch in the workplace for not putting food on a plate carneo, as well as a Christian boy draws attention from friends not to participate in a variety of practices that the world sees as normal, but which displeases God. .. that’s statement. And if it is to testify of God, his will and his love, we should draw attention Yes!

Talking with a friend, she told me that many times a bathing suit can be more indecent than a bikini. And that’s a fact. Just because the play is called bathing suit, that doesn’t mean it’s decent. She argued that many swimsuits produced today are extremely sexy, and would do more damage than the use of the bikini. I’m giving this example of speech, because the issue is much more than a swimsuit or bikini, the check is “DECENCY”.

The Adventist Woman's Clothing-Swimwear 2

In that same conversation, another friend commented that uses and not bikini see problem with that, but depending on who she’s going to the beach, sometimes using bikini generates certain inconvenience or embarrassment. At the same time I thought “imagine if every time she get to go to the beach she remembered that angels and God himself are coming!”.

You know, I learned something very important to my husband: before buying any clothes, I must ask God’s opinion about what I’m buying. You can’t miss that!

Imagine God inside the locker room, where you’re proving your clothes! If our desire is to please God and obey him, we feel uncomfortable just in an inadequate clothing. This is an experience that I recommend all you have!

Another important aspect regarding this matter is that many times we are tempted to justify our practices in practices of others. So many girls claim in defense of herself the wife of pastor, elder, or the Director of the Ministry of women, for example, uses, or uses a bikini swimsuit. The fact these women wear inappropriate costumes just explains why we can’t hear sermons and clear guidelines on this subject in our churches, but does not justify the use of these suits for us.

White’s sister, while talking about the missionaries chosen by God, says “[…] to exercise a good influence, your wife and children and himself, should set a good example as to dress decently and correction. Your personal appearance, your home and the surroundings of the same – all should speak in favor of the fact that they defend. ” Gospel workers, p. 450. This is to all who are willing to work on the work of God! But even if these people do not comply with the example that should give, we must follow the guidance of God, and do not justify our bad habits bad habits of others.

The Adventist Woman's Clothing-Swimwear 3

We need much more to change our clothes, living a spiritual revival. When we know the truth more deeply, and love God more and more, the changes will naturally occurring in our lives, because we more often heard the voice of the Holy Spirit. “The sacrifice and the denial of self assinalarão the life of the Christian. And the evidence that the taste is changed will be seen in the clothing of those who walk in the path open for the redeemed of the Lord. ” Acts of the Apostles, 523.

A lot of people think that thing to talk about clothing is crap. God doesn’t think so, and as his children we must not think!

“The words of the Scriptures, for garments, must be well meditadas. It is important to understand what is pleasing to the Lord even in the field of clothing. All who sincerely seek the grace of Christ, must meet these precious instructions given by inspiration of God’s Word. The very shape of clothing there is to prove the truth of the Gospel. ”

God is willing to guide us as to what we should wear!! We need to be willing to hear it!! My tip for all women who read this text is: have a devotional life with you every day, study his Word and writings left in the spirit of Prophecy. Pray several times a day asking for discernment and, when you need to make a choice (of a laundry, for example), ore and is willing to do the will of God! That way you can’t go wrong!

God bless us!!