The 5 Nexus Could Come Earlier Than Expected, New Rumors Are Running September 29

Though during the next few days are going to be presented in the imminent IFA 2015 devices that occupy all the front pages, we cannot forget that many looks are still implemented also what make Google with its next generation of Nexus devices, about Nexus 5 and 6 that this year will be manufactured by LG and Huawei.

But even though they have been many rumors that have pointed to the possible specifications of these two smartphones, he said little so far of the possible release date. Now a Korean media says citing internal sources that Google Nexus 5 and LG It would reach the Korean Google Play on September 29.

According to this Korean media, information them has been provided by the same source that tell them exactly when was going to present the first Nexus 5 of Google and LG, once so Perhaps it could be reliable information and we can already point in the calendar the official date for the launch of the device.

In any case We should not forget that it is just a rumour, or you’ll have to wait and see if new information pointing to the same address are displayed. That Yes, that date is only 15 days of chosen last year in the presentation of the first Nexus 6 seems somewhat in favor of this new rumor.