Thailand Foods

Thailand Foods

The Thai cuisine

The cuisine of Thailand is very diverse and you can discover the influences of the neighboring countries, but also the Portuguese sailors. The ingredients that are used are similar to those of other Asian countries. Nevertheless, Thailand has developed its own style that makes this kitchen very special. The result is a kitchen that also has a good reputation with us. There are many Thai restaurants in Germany and one or the other also tries a Thai cooking course.

Thai curry

One thing that should never be missing from a Thai meal is a bowl of rice. That’s how you eat rice at least once a day. In addition, there is curry, because that is not the name of the curry spice in Asian cuisine and especially the Thai one, but a dish with a thick sauce. A curry is originally a form of ragout that is served with the popular rice, for example.

The ingredients can be very different and differ in the various Asian countries and again in the individual regions of a country. There are curries vegetarian, with fish or meat. In Thailand, such a sauce is often made from coconut milk, which is refined with delicious herbs and various spices. There is also lemongrass, shrimp paste or a special fish sauce.

Dessert shouldn’t be missing!

Fresh fruit is often served for dessert, but there are also snacks that are similar to our pudding. They are made from rice flour, coconut milk, palm sugar and egg yolk.

A bit of everything!

There are often several dishes on the table that are served with the rice. From this you take a bite by a bite, using a spoon and fork. The spoon is used to eat, the fork is only a support. By the way, the soup does not come extra, but is served with the rest of the meal. There is also noodles in Thailand, but they are usually not made from wheat, but from rice or soy flour. The noodles, which are often cooked with vegetables, but also with different types of meat, are found primarily in soups.

Pretty hot!

The family likes to eat together in the evening. Incidentally, rice with an egg in a pan is a favorite dish for many children. The food tastes a lot hotter here than here. Visitors to Thailand have to get used to that. Thais like to use chilli peppers when cooking, which can taste really hot. But the food is not only spicy, it is also often salty, sweet, sour or a combination of different flavors.

Food in Thailand

The cuisine of Thailand is very different. Each area has its own favorite foods. Those who live in northern Thailand, for example, prefer sticky rice, which is the rice that is also often used for making sushi. This rice is often formed into small balls and dipped into the sauce. In addition, the Thai people like to eat chicken, which is served with a spicy salad. The south again prefers a somewhat different cuisine, here the proximity to Malaysia becomes clear, a Muslim country in which pork is not on the table for religious reasons. Here people like to eat everything that comes from the sea: seafood and fish of all kinds. A spicy shrimp soup is also very popular.

Thailand Foods

Family and Name

Family comes first

The family is very important in Thailand. We stick together, much more than we do here in our western culture. Several generations often live together in one house. The oldest man in the house is the head of the family, whom one has to treat with respect. For more information about Thailand and Asia, please visit naturegnosis.

In general, respect is very important, including respect for authorities. Those who are higher up in society because they hold an important position or have more money are respected and admired. However, the consequence is that many Thai people do not defend themselves against persons of respect, even if they do not act correctly.

Marry Thai

If a man wants to get married in Thailand, he should get to know the entire family of his future wife beforehand. She must agree to the marriage. Both families must then wish to marry and also give their consent for the marriage. In many countries the bride must bring a dowry into the marriage. This is different in Thailand: the husband pays for the bride to the bride’s parents. That can be money, but it can also be other gifts. In many families the bride’s parents give the money back to the young couple. If the couple lives in the country, they first move in with their parents.


Almost everyone in Thailand has a nickname. They sound pretty funny, for example: Namfon, Mai, Gung, Mu, Dum, Gai, Ple, Dam, Daeng, Ning, Nok, Mot, Noi, Daow, Lek, Maew, Yai, Nit, Nop, Pui, Nong, Yai, Fon, Dum, Mali, Nu, Raek, Pueng, Toy, Tuk, Sak, Jo, Nam, Eu, Nee, Pon, Nu, Pen, Gong, Taek, Kai, Mamuang or Nang.

What are the names of the people in Thailand?

Since 1920 the Thai people have to have a family name, that is the surname. As with us, there is a first name and a surname. However, the Thai people usually address each other by their first name. You don’t have to know each other well, people from abroad are also addressed by their first name. In the phone book, too, the names are alphabetical, but sorted in the order of the first name. Imagine that for Germany, that would look pretty funny and would you find someone there?