Tersoni Shirtpolo Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

When I first stumbled across the clothes of Tersoni, I had to think of John&Phips, the Hamburg label, which I presented to you last November. This may be due to the fact that the two labels bring relatively similar garments to the market.

Tersoni also combines the polo’s sporty style with the formal of the shirt into a completely new, sartorial product: the shirt polo. Which is also found in the company name.

Tersoni Shirtpolo-What Is Hidden Behind It?

Here I have to go a little further to clarify what the brand Tersoni has. As you have already learned in the first paragraph, the label reinvents the polo shirt, so the regular leisure shirt becomes a stylish, fine top with casual charm. It was precisely this shirt-polo which Goetz developed under the brand name Tersoni, created by him, which comes from terso=clean, clear, immaculate.
It has managed to put a good mix of polo shirt and shirt in his shirt polo and thus to combine the good of the polo with the better of the shirt. This is evident from the perfectly fitting material, which is provided with a classic shirt collar.

The shirt polo, as usual with Polos, consists of the characteristic Piqué fabric, but in contrast to the simple polo it has a firm, lined shirt collar, which continues in the button strip. Even the sleeves differ from the usual polodesign and come out without ripballs, but can be unbuttoned as with a shirt.

The shape of the collar was inspired by the finest Italian masters.The fabrics used in the collar range from Oxford fabric to linen to jeans – so there is something for every taste. As a stylish extra, you can call the handkerchief of some models which, in harmony with the collar, creates an inspiring contrast to the polo. Goetz The following can be said of course:

“The combination of the cut details and the materials creates a high-quality design that is both leisure- and busine-friendly”

The Philosophy Behind The Tersoni Shirt Polos

What impressed me when looking at the company is the philosophy behind the Tersoni shirt polos. This is why Tersoni is based on tradition and top quality, which is probably the reason for the fact that the label is not made in Asia, but without exception in old Italian handicraft companies. The material is not compromised either, so the high-quality piqueé fabric is twisted from Egyptian cotton and does not consist of single yarn, as is usually the case.
The past of Goetz Saeuberlich, who had the following wisdom from his grandfather, a merchant, comes here a bit:

“We have no money to buy cheap.”

However, Tersoni is not only concerned about the quality of the label, it is the same as the appraisal of craftsmanship, the timeless elegance and the passion for special details. This passion for special details and appreciation of the craftsmanship can be seen very well when you hold a shirt polo in your hands. Because each of these shirt polos is provided with a personal dedication from the one who has made the shirt polo.
Now we have read the name Goetz Saeuberlich already one or other time, so I would also like to lose to him, the man behind Tersoni. He discovered the passion for fashion early on in his life.Already at the age of 16 he felt a great interest in perfect, classic cuts and Italian fabrics. He is already working at school with a well-known gentlemen’s outfitter. Furthermore, as a perfectionist, he makes the most bought shirts or jackets, according to his ideas, tailor to measure.

He succeeded in his complete entry into the world of fashion when, after an economics degree at the private university of Witten / Herdecke, he completed a trainee program as a central buyer at Peek & Cloppenburg. However, despite his passion for fashion, he lacked the focus of his main focus on brand management and corporate development, which is why he is working as a project manager of an image campaign by Scholz & Friends and later as strategy consultant for a boutique McKinsey spin-off.
He now fully integrates his experience with his own company Tersoni. He is supported by a team of experienced industry experts with international fashion, brand, sales and PR experience. Now, let’s take a look at the current collection of the Spring/Summer 2015 by Tersoni Shirtpolo.

The Tersoni Shirtpolo Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

As expected for spring and summer, this comes with bright, colorful colors. These colors make sure you forget the cold, rainy days and get ready for the warm days. This could not have been more appropriate for the Tersoni Shirtpolos. Also the collection names like Portofino, Capir, Farno, Bari and Milano arouse the longing for summer and sun. Not surprisingly, one has been inspired by sunny Italy and the jet set of the 1960s.
Tersoni offers something unique in the classic gentlemen style of this time. So the shirt polo from Tersoni comes in a total of eight different styles in ten different color variations. It can be worn classic to Chino or Bermuda or casual to jeans combined. Man (n) always finds something suitable here. If you love the special chic, choose the variant with a handkerchief-a blazer combined with it and the shirt polo is businesauglichlich.

Personally, I have the bright, colorful colors, which definitely give the shirts the certain something. Also, I find it very interesting that there are a total of eight different styles of shirt polo. So you can find something from the classic polo, to the shirt polo with the pocket and the cloth up to the long-sleeved shirt polo. Even the approach not in low-wage countries, but to rely on local production, I find very praiseworthy, even if this is reflected in the selling price.
At Tersoni, however, the certainty that the selling prices of 149 euros and 229 euros depending on the model will be used to create high-quality products using traditional production. I hope the included photos have given you an impression of the shirt polos of Tersoni. If you need more information, just have a look at the label’s website.