Telus Promises Android 7 Nougat

Android 7 Nougat will replace Marshmallow as a current Android operating system this year. This even happens before Marshmallow can establish itself properly, because the market share is still very low. With the new version, this will change.

For example, Google has provided the manufacturers with a beta version so they can better implement the new program structures in their smartphones and customize the user-specific user interfaces. Traditionally, the Nexus smartphones are first to be supplied with the new Android version. However, nobody expected this to happen in August. But this is exactly the provider Telus confirmed.

Reliable Source?

The Canadian provider Telus has released a “Software Update Schedule” on Wednesday, which shows in black and white that the two Nexus models 6P and 5X will get the update on Android Nougat on August 22nd. This would be the statement from LG, with the V20 the first smartphone with Android 7 nougat to publish, probably. This applies, however, only in the event that the announcement of Telus is at all true.

It remains to question where Telus is referring to its information and why no other place has learned about it. On the other hand, they have also published a similar report on Android Marshmallow last year, and they were also correct. So, let us surprise you.

Nexus As An Ideal Test Site

There is not much time left until Monday to fix the update and remove all bugs. Android nougat is supposed to be equipped with some new features and functions, which must first be implemented and adapted to the devices. However, the next week as a deadline would not be completely unrealistic. In addition to the new prototypes for 2016, the two Nexus models are considered to be the latest smartphones from Google. So they will certainly have been the first models that came into contact with Android nougat.

The new Android version does not have as much information as we would like. As soon as we have the complete range of performance, you will immediately get it.

Are you looking forward to Android Nougat, or do you think that Marshmallow should be marketed significantly more intensively?