TDC-Customers Get 4 g with the New iPhones

4 g on TDC’s network is not supported on the iPhone 5, but there is good news for TDC-customers, as with the new iPhones can get 4 g.

Since Apple last year presented the iPhone 5 had the biggest Danish telecommunications company, TDC, look on from the sidelines, that, for example, 3, Telia and Telenor could offer customers 4 g support.

But because TDC provider 4 g/LTE in 2600 MHz and 800 MHz, which iPhone 5 does not support, it was therefore not to 4 g for TDC’s iPhone 5-customers. But there’s good news to track with the launch of the new iPhones – iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 c.

These two new iPhones come in versions that are targeted for the European market. In addition to the TDC also Deutsche Telecom and British Telecom will not be able to offer its customers 4 g with iPhone 5.

-“We are super excited about the launch last night because our long-range frequency bands will be supported. After all, it is those who are the most dominant in Europe, so we are really happy, “said TDC’s purchasing manager, Morten Steen Jensen, to our site.

On Apple’s list of the versions of the 5S and 5 c, which comes in different markets, it appears that for France, Germany and England coming versions that supports both 800 MHz and 2600 MHz. Hence, it shall be assumed, therefore, that these versions will be available on the Danish market.

-“Of course iPhone is incredibly important to us, and it now supports our LTE frequencies, just does it all much more fun for our customers,” explains Morten Steen Jensen to

Apple’s iPhones are selling incredibly well in Denmark, for example, which also appeared on the sales list from Telia for the month of July this year.