Style Guide-Part 4-Printed T-Shirts

When men were still guys, they loved any kind of printed T-shirts.No matter whether Micky Mouse, the Simpsons, or Spiderman. -guys love prints!

Colors, motifs, materials and patterns were mixed wildly. As a child, you can still do that. But at the latest, when men become men, one should be careful with printed textiles. What was cool and funny in the childhood can look uncool and “nerdy” quickly in the adult man. Printed t-shirts do not have to be a fashionable no-go, as some designers show. There are some rules for printed t-shirts.

3 Rules For Printed T-Shirts

  1. Motif-choice-The motif is the most obvious of a printed T-shirt. You should always make sure that the motif fits your own style and age. A Spongebob T-shirt should no longer wear an adult man. If it is nevertheless a funny motive, then no plates jokes, but naughty word games / motifs with brains.
  2. Colors-The colors of the motif should not be too numerous.A black-and-white, or even a monochrome print often looks more elegant and therefore does not have to lose any of its statement or playfulness. If it is nevertheless to be colored, is less usually more. The statement of the motif wins by the color reduction.
  3. Quality-One of the big problems with printed T-shirts is that their life can be short-lived. If the quality of the print is inadequate, it can happen that the print can be detached from the shirt after repeated wear and washing. This makes it ripe for the waste bin at the same time. This is why you should pay attention to the quality of printed T-shirts and spend a little more.

Style Guide For Printed T-Shirts

If a man decides to dress himself with a printed T-shirt, there are some tips that should be considered:

Printed t-shirts should not be hidden! Even in winter, when it is cold, you can avoid the print disappear completely. With an open cardigan or the like, the print can still flash and attract attention.

Since a conspicuous print emphasizes the upper body and attracts special attention, one should be particularly careful with the size of the shirt. It should fit well and not sloppy, because the motive so otherwise can no longer easily recognize. It should not be too short, however, because the print can not work properly and the upper body is very compressed. In an emergency, you should always take the bigger one for printed T-shirts.

Prints are already a real eye-catcher. But in order to make sure that they are properly placed in the scene, the other items should be slightly reduced. One-color, covered pants, matching shoes. In addition, a separate belt, which framed the T-shirt.

What you should not do: Put the T-shirt in your pants! Printed shirts are designed to be casually worn over the pants.

With these tips you can make little mistakes with printed T-shirts.If you need some suggestions or a few pictures of what really good “printed t-shirts” are, I have a small selection for you: