Stockholm-925 Cufflinks Produced in Sweden

Today, we take a step away from jackets, shoes and ties and instead look at an area that receives relatively little attention here on the Manolo. It is one of man’s most prominent accessoarval namely the cufflinks. We met Erik Åberg; The CEO of Swedish Medal and the man behind 925 STOCKHOLM. A collection of cufflinks in 925 sterling silver produced in Sweden.

The use of cufflinks is not what it once was. Second, the fact that men today wear less shirt and double cuff in particular have dampened use significantly. The range has also increased tremendously and today is rather cuffs in the steel produced in Asia what dominates the market. It is therefore especially pleasing when a company chooses to go against the tide and put on cufflinks in silver and gilded silver, with classical motifs and a collection entirely produced in Sweden.

Erik Åberg tells that story, he started 2008 the company bought Swedish Medal by the Royal Swedish Mint since they chose to change their strategy.

In May 2011, Erik got the offer to also buy their machine park where the manufacture of the Nobel medals and the Royal medals occurs. Of course, he could not say no when the company became one of the only ones in the world with production of this type of medals. It is otherwise reserved for State and Royal Mint.

“We had to take over the baton which dates back to the year 950! So old the Royal Mint is.”

The customers were given the opportunity to either switch to any of the Swedish Medal rivals or remain as the whole 95% did. In connection with this, you had to also take over a variety of old Embossers that had no defined ownership. This after the Royal coin Cabinet and the Riksbank had taken other tools.

“We took over a veritable treasure hiding. It is not possible to value in money. “

When was born the idea to do a manschettknappskollektion in 925 sterling silver, which would partly use the old tools or parts of these and even create entirely new designs. All according to the motto of tradition, heritage and future.

Collection 925 STOCKHOLM consists of approx. 11-12 different designs that will be available in silver, gilt silver, oxidized silver and possibly gold. The price is set at 1 495kr pair, which is clearly higher than the mass produced alternatives in steel but still at an affordable level and a perfect Christmas gift or birthday present for a boyfriend, husband, father or brother.

Swedish Medal is now the only company with production in Sweden, which has the capacity to produce a collection of this kind. Everything is made in house. Design, tool manufacturing, stamping, polishing and surface treatment. Everything except the packaging produced in Italy.

Some of the Embossers to took over to produce these classical motifs.

Part of the collection called “Lake”. The inspiration comes from the finish on buttons that resemble the surface of a lake.

Northern Star in silver 925 gilt.

Small national coat of arms. All the company’s motive has an interesting story behind it.

Fleur de Lys in 925 sterling silver förgyllts with gold.

In addition to the usual silver oxidized silver is also available which provides a matte exclusive finish.

Even though the company and the collection is relatively new on the market are already represented in a number of shops on Swedish soil.