Stand Box N Ovator S 600

For large Orchestra, the Naim Ovator impressed S 600 (7800 euro, pair price) with a stunning combination of resolution, dynamics and timing.

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With boxes that were built specifically to operate directly on the wall and in small spaces, Naim rehearsed has always been the special way against competitors who were voting on their boxes for free environment. The concept that went well in English mini living rooms, was at trade fairs or in large German listening lounges not often out of place. Quite aside from that the angular, slightly rustic design is to make really tasty little more 21st century Hi-Fi fans, accustomed to curves.

Revolution calling

So it was time for a speaker-revolution – and that in every respect than in the House of Naim. On the photo surprised the Ovator S 600 first with a strikingly modern, slants and curves exterior, which incidentally perfectly crafted is. All the more surprising the price: you would have rather held 7800 euro at a new, also technically revolutionary Naim for the unit price, but anno 2010 goes for a couple of Ovator over the counter.

Also technically pretty much everything goes differently: Chief thinker behind the project is the German Developer Karl-Heinz Fink, who was responsible for the ALR-speaker and developed for many renowned high-end brands. And the constructed not only a balanced tonality engineered and optimized for free-standing installation box (Naim traditionally more value put on timing and position near a wall), he ventured out to a broadband chassis of a special kind. The BMR (“balanced mode radiator”) called drivers, playing in the Ovator of 400 to 50000 Hz and the entire range of overtones is a mixture of Flat diaphragm transceiver and bending wave transducers: up 1.8 kHz working piston-shaped, single membrane parts partially detach itself and falls into a kind of soft self oscillation behavior. This has the advantage that the strong economies of scale, as flat membranes show them otherwise with increasing frequency, completely stay out and bundling over a wide range remains constant. Side effect: The sweet spot is extremely wide: +-50 degrees in any direction, the box remains perfectly balanced.

Another effect: all important location and spatial figure frequencies are interference-free from a point which warrants usually best location and hearing Center independent stage depth. Can be omitted on an electrical switch within the whole overtone spectrum to the highest heights completely, what Naim hopes more homogeneity of the voice. Much lift can and should not produce the BMR – below 400 Hz, two eight-inch woofer access, installed in favour an optimal timing of course in the enclosure. For bass and midrange do not get in the way, the entire volume of BMR, in principle is a great, inside damped aluminium tube front and rear swinging suspended and decoupled from the bass cabinet perfectly.

Everything stays different

A new n box whose paradigm shift – away at the same time was dry neutral of the AUDIO listening room acoustics the placement of the wall, away from the vote purely on timing-optimized -: It attracted of course almost magically the Naim fans in the AUDIO Editor. “Sounds very different than my SBL” commented author Stefan Schickedanz the first notes of the inevitable “Hotel California” eagles, “not so intrusive, this astonishingly fed up”. The mannhafte bass was first moved the listeners into his spell: Although he came (noble) quite bulky at Whitetrees “Cloudland”, he was due to its precision never on thickened or even inaccurate, followed closely the sprung rhythms of lounge sounds. This-looking height fine bubbles, completely clean, if sometimes somewhat disinterested joined.

After the next breath instantly smooth and extremely precisely timed tutti shock to get out. How powerful bollerten the drums, stomped the rhythms of this irrepressible work: formally, one felt the sultry atmosphere of the imaginary South Sea. The concert hall environment of the recording was, however, largely sidelined: Although high but flat exactly at the level the speaker stood the Orchestra, whose individual Instrumente were not always exactly in the place. Less suitable for instrumental concertos – perfect contrast with the Groovy “cantaloupe Iceland” by Herbie Hancock (“live in New York”; Jazzdoor).


There sulked but recently a colleague, boxes manufacturer would launch a new series for any modifications to the chassis and soft. Naim is, however, coming with an innovation revolution! The concept is not only technically unique, it is also fully: volume and speed, resolution and gentleness – rarely were opposites as well. Only in space and installation since it is demanding, the Ovator.

Naim audio Ovator S 600

Manufacturer Naim audio
Price €7800.00
Rating 98.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

General data
Dimensions (W x H x D) 40.1 x 116,8 x 43.4 cm
Weight 61.0
Technical characteristics
Bass principle Way closed
Number of ways 2
Working principle of full Active
Connections single wiring
XLR connectors
Space adaptation
Surround complementary.
Laboratory characteristics
Maximum volume upper value 105 dB
lower cut-off frequency (-3dB) 40 Hz
Lower cut-off frequency (-6 dB) 32 Hz
Nominal impedance (audio) 3 ohm
High-resolution, accurate, balanced and fast playing speaker with super bass
Figure rather flatly, not locating exactly
Bass quality 105
Bass depth (bass Foundation) 100
Attention to detail (precision) 110
Dynamic 110
Maximum level (vitality) 90
Neutrality 90
Imaging 80
Spatial (airiness) 90
Processing outstanding
Sound judgment outstanding 98
tested in issue: 5 / 10